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9/20/2010 c6 jedi-Kitsune
9/19/2010 c5 glyphmaster
when will u update plus when will tails reveal his feelings once again i ask please update quicker
9/12/2010 c1 Bleeding-Fingertips
I do belive Mina is too young for sex. But other than that I would really like to see this updated.
9/10/2010 c5 StacheKing
Yo Paul. Please update this story soon.
7/20/2010 c5 25AutoKnight01
Please continue this story! It's so awesomenessity. I love it!

Yours Truly

6/22/2010 c5 Firefox of the Flamed Tails
again, Tails is a much better fighter. just in this fanfic he fought against the three mongoose thugs better than just Ash alone... touching on this point again, I don't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure that Ant and Bunnie's wedding was nearer to the present time in the Sonic Timeline and with the mention of Fiona and Tails' encounter, it would most definitly point to Tails being much stronger than he is depicted here. that's the major problem and to be honest it really annoys me. this is just helpful criticing, I'm not trying to flame or anything.

-Firefox of the Blue-Flamed Twin Tails
6/22/2010 c3 Firefox of the Flamed Tails
i think you forgot that Tails is acually a really good fighter; for instance, he once fought Sonic to a stand still, and even though the match ended as a draw (see Sonic the Hedgehog #178) Tails held his own against Sonic when many other opponents lost to (or fared worse against) Sonic (such as Fiona, Scourge, and Robotnik). I really can't see Tails being that badly outmatched when he was in the same frame of mind as he was when he fought Sonic (again see Sonic the Hedgehog #178). I'd suggest revising that part. otherwise it seems pretty good.

-Firefox of the Blue-Flamed Twin Tails
6/16/2010 c5 lopenash
i wouldn't put it pass that asshole to rape her, just to get back at her. i would like to know why it's rated M, is it just for language and violence?
6/16/2010 c5 Gable Cantelli
Wow, this was one great chapter and I loved every word of it. This is one kickass story and I hope you complete it.
6/11/2010 c5 William AKA Pearldarkness
Cool chapter keep it up!
6/9/2010 c5 2MarioBrosFan191
Great! another chapter, this chapter was awesome, sonic and tail's fight was great, but now there's another problem, and tails rescuid mina? wow epic, nice chapter, can't wait till the next one!
5/25/2010 c4 Gable Cantelli
Wow, this story is powerful and it's amazing. That was cool how Tails made Mina feel better; it's like nobody else could do it but him. I wonder what that bastard Ash has in store for Tails because the next chapter sounds like it's going to be one hell of a chapter.
5/24/2010 c4 MarioBrosFan191
Yayyy another chapter :D, i liked this chapter alot =D eXEPT for the fact that that asshole wants to hurt tails, omg can't wait for the next chapter!
5/24/2010 c4 2cm27815
I really like this. I can't wait for the next chapter. I do have one question: what is going to be the cause for the 'M' rating?
5/6/2010 c3 Gable Cantelli
This story, to me, was like a New York Times best seller. I mean it was that good. I loved this story and every word of it. I hope you finish the story cuase this is one of my favorites now that I have read it. Anyway, I love the story and hope there's more to it. Keep up the awesomeness, man.
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