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7/7/2019 c7 James Birdsong
5/3/2019 c6 James Birdsong
*winces at the f word* Great chapter.
2/27/2019 c5 James Birdsong
Thank you for writing chapter five
9/2/2018 c1 1mbgj
Veri n1c3PN5st0ri1v
9/18/2016 c6 Guest
Well written two chapters
9/9/2016 c6 Guest
Its nice to see more fiction of Azumanga Daioh, do Nyamo next!
8/13/2016 c6 15Blackops3596
It's nice that this got updated after 5 years -_-
Think you can do one for Nyamo next? Good story by the way, keep up the good work!
7/26/2016 c6 332Miz-KTakase
Amazing. So funny at the end.
8/22/2014 c1 6swartzvald
7/10/2011 c5 8Hollow28
I love these so much. I loved the first and third one. Well written all around!

6/22/2011 c5 1Chiyo And Osaka Fan
This chapter rulled so much!
5/29/2011 c5 Rpgingmaster

The massive rant at the beginning was epically hilarious, Kagura's desperate attempts to "stay in character" were consistently mausing, especially when it seemed like the whole universe was actively plotting to screw her over, the "Cardboard Box" joke and subsequent cameo were so absurd I rolled out of my chair.

And then you went for Beyond the Impossible meets Crosses The Line Twice with this part:

Then the radio in a nearby classroom blurted loudly for them to hear. It made a report: "Breaking news! Manufacturer Azumanga Foods Corporation is recalling their latest line of drinks Olympus Lightning Energy Drink due to the presence of estrogen-inducing chemicals. Authorities and the company independently have reported lab results that confirmed to the their findings. The recall is in effect today." At that moment, everyone instantly went pale in surprise. That's the stuff those two boys have been drinking and now they've turned gay.

"Oh my..." Yomi gasped. "Look's like the recall came a little too late."

That is so offensively hilarious I'm convinced you want me to die of heart failure from laughing too much.


Seriously, the end of her bad dream (both of them) were just too funny, and the image of a twitching, nervous Kagura huddling under her bedcovers in fear is a pretty giggle worthy image.

In short, as for the comedy...well the readings are off the scale on how well you succeeded!
5/23/2011 c5 That One Annoying Guy
This was so funny! Chuck Norris blocks Aizen with one finger and then ends Bleach with one roundhouse kick? And I guess the ending told us why SHONENLIGHTNING made people really good at yaoi XD plus the whole Osaka, roof, puppet skeleton thing was hilarious and I think I saw a Yotsuba reference in there. You're so funny :)
5/23/2011 c5 47Hwikek
Why did Tomo want her to be a girl so much?
5/23/2011 c5 332Miz-KTakase
Very awesome! I Never knew Kagura would become very girly. Expert work, bro!
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