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for I Didn't Think You'd Mind

11/24/2013 c1 thehazeleyedloser
this was fucking adorable. and i don’t think you’ll mind i am leaving a review.
— deanna
7/5/2010 c1 XFutureMrsCrawfordX
Very cute =)

5/20/2010 c1 10over-rehearsed
Awww, so adorably cute. I love it!
4/19/2010 c1 6FollowThisRhythm
Okay, okay-

Confession one: I skipped down to the first fic of yours in the PB archive.

Confession two: I am /so/ glad that I did because this is so unbelievably sweet!

To be honest, I usually try to stay away from such short fics as this (I know, I know, horrible) but it's just most of the ones I've read haven't had much substance to them, nothing to really hit me or move me, y'know what I mean? But this- gosh, this is so adorable and I /love/ the whole "I didn't think you'd mind"! Both characters seem so innocent and hesitant and young -as it usually is for first love- and I find it simply amazing that I was able to feel and sense so much from your characters within 150 words!

Simply fantastic job Bree! I loved this fic :)

4/10/2010 c1 70iMissHP
SO sweet and cute. The shortness of the fic really fits what you wanted to show, I think. I liked it.
4/8/2010 c1 1fauves
This is so cute and simple. I really love it and I love how you can just write about any pairing, it's amazing

Pinky x 3
4/5/2010 c1 72Schermionie
Very sweet. I liked how you showed three scenes from different stages of their relationship, all with that line.
4/3/2010 c1 45verity candor
Aw, sweet. Liked how she initiated the first encounters, and he initiated the last one.
4/2/2010 c1 23RavenEcho
I agree that it wouldn't be your best work. I like the slightly longer pieces you usually do. Still alright though! (Sorry for the lackluster review, but I'm part of the review revolution!)
3/31/2010 c1 2whenitwasmagic
I really liked that! I feel like I haven't read anything by you in a-g-e-s, so this is a welcome fic. :D Loved the simplicity and the repetition.
3/31/2010 c1 233controlled climb
Thank you! I loved it :) So cute x
3/31/2010 c1 Guest
Aw, so cute.

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