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for The Wanderer and the Runaway

10/21/2015 c3 Skye
Note to self: find Martin Whatshisopoulos and kill him. How evil... And to Luna of all people... so sad.
10/21/2015 c1 Skye
Kind of a cool story, but awful grammar and it seems like it's rushed and actually narrated. Like a tale being told by the author, not the characters. I like the idea, but execution is poor. No offence, mate. Maybe a good rewrite with proper grammar and it will seem a heck of a lot better. Do that and it'll be great :)
9/14/2012 c6 1Inferius1957
This is a very interesting story.
I'll add it to my alerts, recover soon and finish this story.

9/13/2012 c4 Inferius1957
Poor Luna, glad Dobby was around to rescue her.
Karma is a bitch eh Martin ?

9/13/2012 c3 Inferius1957
Purple Shreeker ::: The creature was reported to travel from tree to tree by inflating it's body and by forcing the air out it's anus to propel it to the next tree. Hilarious!
9/13/2012 c1 Inferius1957
This is an interesting chapter...good ol Luna, getting through to gittish Harry & making him see sense.
3/29/2012 c1 sanbeegoldiewhitey
Very slow, it made me sleepy.
8/2/2011 c1 4AlouCM08
Uhm so you asked for my opinion and here it is! First of all, the plot was good. I think it has a potential (Haha! I'm saying it like a professional!). I just had trouble with some of your grammars. In some of the names of the characters, places and events, you sorta got it wrong. I also got confused what you were trying to impose in some parts of the chapter but I got on. Also, I was trying to finding Luna's eccentricness (I don't know if that's a word) here and I didn't quite see it. Overall, it was alright. :)
6/24/2011 c6 11brigrove
Just curious. When did Harry learn to drive? It's not like Hogwarts (or any British school) has what the Americans would call Driver's Ed.

If he DID learn to drive, he'd be used to what you call a Stick shift as most cars in Britain are not automatics, so he wouldn't need to change it.

No other really noticeable Brit-picking issues.

Why did the Goblin kill the mediwitch? Trying to start a Goblin war to give Binns something new to talk about?

Hope your mental health issues are improving (wish mine were)
3/5/2011 c6 jbfritz
12/28/2010 c5 Ratus
Interesting story, I do hope you continue it.
8/30/2010 c5 8Aealket

I just found this, and am enjoying what you have started.

Keep up the good work.

8/18/2010 c5 44dennisud
Depending on what Martin's father decides will bring this to a head soon or allow them to work things out!

Good to keep them on the outback. maybe a leak of information might bring an ex-DE to try and off Harry!
7/14/2010 c3 dennisud
I have the feeling this Martin is gonna be trouble and if I know Neville & Hermione they will be supportive of Luna.

See you got me hooked!

6/30/2010 c3 1mesmerizingeyes
aww that was soo cute! poor luna!
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