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9/12 c19 HollBeth
There are a lot of chapters left…I can’t help but expect Jay will pop back up and threaten her happiness again.
9/12 c11 HollBeth
I’m rereading a lot of fics since it has been so long…I really thought I’d read this one, but this Jay stuff is unfamiliar, so I guess not!

So…I get that it won’t be a fast resolution. Totally. But what I don’t get is Bella’s stifling-strict adherence to the notion that it has to be her, that she has to repay the debt. I know he was there for her, but it wasn’t entirely selfless on his part. And she would have survived without him. Same here - it’s SO sad, and so awful for him (and convenient he has no one but Bella), but should she continue to drown in her own misery just for him? Illness or no, he stifled her for so long. Aside from general human kindness, I don’t feel he deserves this level of dedication at this point. I also don’t believe she wouldn’t reach out to ANYONE to help her work out a plan. Uncomfortable, in-fun, of course - but why she is determined to do this alone, especially when she is already miserable, is something I cannot fathom.

Different strokes, I guess. *sigh*

Maybe it’s just that now that I’m older I’m less willing to ruin myself for another; if I’m ruined, I’m of no help to them, myself, or anyone else.
9/11 c1 sue1zide
I can’t wait to see where this is headed.
5/17 c33 Dulcinea21bella
I absolutely ADORED this story. It has been my guilty pleasure. I have kept it open on my desk top, reading a little bit every night. It was beautiful. The characters were so brilliantly well written. They were relatable and endearing and I was really invested in their story. It was compelling and heartfelt. Excellent job!
3/21 c33 1Flora Mile
Beautiful story, loved every chapter! Thank u for writing it.
12/18/2022 c33 Isao84
Love it
10/15/2022 c33 Jenycullen
I had to come back and read this story again, it will always be one of my all time favorites.
8/22/2022 c32 SeptemberGirl 7
Awesome….at long last Edward and Bella will get their new home and a wonderful life together.
Thank you so much…loved this story!
8/21/2022 c28 SeptemberGirl 7
Edward is the best. I bet he finds Jay a facility that will take him in and hopefully get the help he needs.
8/21/2022 c27 SeptemberGirl 7
Hoping Edward puts a ring on her finger soon to show his “intentions!”
8/20/2022 c23 SeptemberGirl 7
The house sounds perfect….Bella is so fortunate. Hope she gets ahold of her anxiety and fears. Don’t see how she can compare Jay to Edward. Two different men and scenarios.
8/20/2022 c20 SeptemberGirl 7
Perfect in every way!
8/20/2022 c19 SeptemberGirl 7
Finally….they are reunited!
Cannot wait for their first “date”….so excited…after so much angst.
They both deserve happiness.
8/20/2022 c18 SeptemberGirl 7
Finally…BOTH Edward and Bella are starting all over….and both will be living in Chicago!
Time for some true joy!
8/15/2022 c2 SeptemberGirl 7
Thank goodness Bella is not married to Jay….what a relief.
Bring on Edward!
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