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6/27/2022 c29 Jillgrab
This chapter needed a cry warning. I absolutely lost it at the point she’s talking to her Dad. As someone who has lost a parent I know all to well how sometimes in big life moments you find yourself wanting to be able to talk to them. This was a great chapter. You captured everything beautifully.
2/15/2022 c33 dazzled eyes22
I like that you bookended the story with Bella and Edward in another friend’s wedding party. I’m glad that Bella and her girlfriends got their happily ever after.

Thanks for sharing this story. It’s been on my TBR list for a while now. I’m so glad that I read it.

I really got pulled into Jay’s plight. Thanks for writing him responsibly. I have a family member experiencing similar symptoms. It’s hard to be hands-off yet stay engaged. It's good Bella got her happy life with Edward, but I was hoping she would want to stay in contact and check on him occasionally, instead of just leaving him there.

I would have also loved to see how Dida reacted to the news of Bella’s interview with Volterra. It felt like she knew Aro was going to contact her. I would have loved to be in that office when they talked.
2/15/2022 c32 dazzled eyes22
I like that Bella was met with concern as Edward opened the door. It gave her a chance to launch into her apology and explanation.

Bella’s rationale here made more sense than her words with Alice two chapters ago. She sounded like she blamed Jay for her decisions before when she said she made sacrifices. Now, she’s telling Edward that she chose to hide away and didn’t realize her potential because she was scared of leaving where she was safe. That’s what she didn’t want to repeat here. I get that, and it fits perfectly into her epiphany.

Now, I hope that perspective makes it to Alice and Jasper. Maybe then they can let up on Jay and stop blaming him for everything bad in her life.

Oh, I like how Edward clarified that he wasn’t hurt that Bella went to the interview. He just wanted to be included in the decision to go. His anger was justified, but his leaving was not. I’m glad he apologized. That would have been a good time to clear the conscious and tell her that he planned to still monitor Jay’s progress and why. Let her be a part of that decision.
2/15/2022 c31 dazzled eyes22
I’m relieved that Bella realized how much she took for granted with Edward and Dida, and has no doubts that this opportunity wasn’t for her.

This job wouldn’t let her follow her passion with mentoring the writers and it came with too many strings. Maybe now Bella understands why Dida keeps Aro at arms’ length. I also thought Charlotte‘s parting comment was a bit condescending. Bella doesn’t have to settle for less at this time of her career. She can continue making The Lantern the true rival that Volterra Press thinks it is.

Yes, maybe it would have been better if Bella figured all this out without having to leave home, but some people need to put it all on the line in order to see what is important. At least, she saw the error of her thinking and rushed home to fix the damage her hasty departure caused.
2/13/2022 c30 dazzled eyes22
Ugh! I knew Aro was up to something.

I know Bella just got off the phone and may have been distracted looking for her keys, but she could have sat down with her boyfriend and discussed this opportunity with him before accepting the interview. Time may have created a sense of urgency, but she chose to exclude him when making this life-changing decision. How did she expect him to feel about that?

I can understand Edward feeling hurt since Bella had asked for his input when dealing with her ex. He handled it better than I expected. Though I can’t feel too sorry for Edward after his explanation of why helped Jay. Now, he’s not telling Bella that he’s continuing to watch after him to make sure he stays away. Has he thought about how Bella will feel if she found out?

Of course, Alice marched on over and involved herself in their problem instead of letting them deal with it themselves or waiting for Bella to call asking for help. SMH. It was good that she tried to talk some sense into her friend.

I worry that Bella is risking everything to prove a point about her past when she should just cut herself some slack. When her dad died and her friends moved away, the bottom fell out of her life, and she was coping the best way she knew how. She had lost her creative drive and made some poor decisions in staying with Jay when she didn’t love him. Now she’s framing those choices as sacrifices made and blaming herself for not doing what was best for herself. She’s overcompensating and not including the man she loves into her life. I hope this time away will give her some perspective about the past and her relationship with Edward.
2/6/2022 c29 dazzled eyes22
I'm glad Bella got to see Jay and ensure that he would not fight the doctors trying to help him. She got her closure, but I can't help feel sad that Jay has no one to support him.

I like that Bella showed Edward around Forks and visited her dad's grave. It helped Bella to reminisce about the changes in her life. Too bad they didn't visit the magazine office at UW.

It was fortunate that Edward managed to find a bed in the best facility in the state for Jay.
2/6/2022 c28 dazzled eyes22
I'm so relieved that Sam found Jay and has him in custody. Hopefully, he will now get the help that he needs, so Bella can get some closure. I loved that Edward's reaction to the news was to tell Bella to pack, so they could fly to Seattle.

I wonder what that lunch was really about. Dida is such an interesting lady, and it feels like Bella has only scratched the surface. I love Dida's pride in her Mama Duck, but it felt at times like she was testing her to see if Aro could entice her to leave. Marcus may have even been a cautionary tale about how the city can gobble up even the most talented. Aro was impressed with Bella and seemed to be laying the groundwork to make her an offer. He wanted her to see that she could do better than The Lantern and instill doubt in her future there.
2/6/2022 c27 dazzled eyes22
The picnic had its share of drama but leaves everyone with a little hope.

I’m glad Edward and Colonel Brandon resolved that awkward tension with Edward’s declaration about his feelings for Bella and his plans for the future.

Emmett’s arrival and announcement was a shock. I’m glad he’s finally decided to settle in town. It’s a good beginning, but he can’t just expect Rosalie to be happy that he finally put them first. They have some work to do to get their happily ever after.

Wow! Really? Edward is even getting the talk about his intentions from Jasper. I wish these men would have been half concerned in her previous relationship with Jay and after her dad died.

Ugh! Alice and Jasper still are maligning Jay as the asshole. He obviously had issues before, and Bella chose to stay with him.

Loved Edward’s recap of the day to Bella and the flirting to reveal his intentions for the evening.
2/5/2022 c26 dazzled eyes22
Jay is getting worse. I hope Sam can get to him before he escalates his actions any further against Eleazar. I like that Bella and Edward are both making it a priority to get Jay help, and accepting how their beginning affected him.

I enjoyed spending time with Bella's coworkers. They are like their own little family. Thanks for the story behind Roberta's name change. Riley's exchange with Gianna and later with Bella was hilarious.

I'm so glad Bella is writing again and that Edward is encouraging her to continue.
2/5/2022 c25 dazzled eyes22
I enjoyed the ladies’ discussion. Even though Bella may not be ready to settle down, it was good to hear her voice some of her concerns with her friends. Alice really got to the crux of her issue. Hopefully, she made Bella see that she can’t make judgments in her life based on her past with Jay, and that Edward loves her as she is.

After all her anxiety, Bella’s dinner with Edward’s parents went so well. I can see how she might feel intimidated by the house, his wealth, and their family history, but Esme and Carlisle were so welcoming and genuinely happy for them. It was lovely that Esme invited Bella to join her meeting and gave her that beloved recipe. Such a pleasant evening.
2/3/2022 c24 dazzled eyes22
I'm surprised Bella used "hurt" to describe her feelings about Edward signing on a rental. She knew it was the right thing for him, especially since she was not ready to live with him as a couple.

It's good that Bella's meeting with The Lantern's staff went so well and that Dida offered her the job as Assistant Editor while at lunch. This seems to be the ideal position for her to get back into the publishing arena.

I love that she called Edward and asked him to meet her, so she could share her good news with him.

Yeah, I want Bella happy, but I didn't like that she was moving on without thinking about Jay. I'm glad Edward is planning on supporting Bella to get Jay the help he needs.
2/2/2022 c23 dazzled eyes22
I’m so happy Edward got Bella to talk through her reaction to looking at houses together.

I thought she might think the step was too much too soon since she’s still working through her issues from her last relationship, but I love that’s where he is.

Acknowledging his I love you while declaring her own was a great step forward.
2/2/2022 c23 dazzled eyes22
I’m so happy Edward got Bella to talk through her reaction to looking at houses together.

I thought she might think the step was too much too soon since she’s still working through her issues from her last relationship, but I love that’s where he is.

Acknowledging his I love you while declaring her own was a great step forward.
2/1/2022 c22 dazzled eyes22
Oh, it was so lovely to see Bella and Didyme get along so well and spark Bella's interest in creative writing again. Dida was such a spunky and memorable older woman. I hope this leads to Bella finding the job that she was meant to do. It was nice of Angela to introduce them and Edward to give them time alone.

I like that Edward kept an eye on that bartender, yet enjoyed socializing with their friends and friends of his parents. Hope they have another night for him to enjoy Bella in that dress.
1/30/2022 c21 dazzled eyes22
Aww! It's cute that Bella and Edward are getting so comfortable spending time together at her place that his mom is now talking about meeting her. That should be an interesting challenge for Bella. Esme will love her.

Bella is gaining confidence in taking care of her needs. I like Bella's pride in her little place and can understand why it's important for Bella to buy a TV of her own rather than have Edward buy it for her.

Bella also now has the challenge of introducing Edward into her work environment as her boyfriend. The good news is that their friends will be attending this fundraiser as well.
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