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4/3/2010 c1 StarNoble13
I'm dying to know, is Bella the bride? That would be a bad time to bump into the gorgeous, unforgettable Edward. This is gonna be interesting. Cannot wait to read more! :D
4/3/2010 c1 ecxe
v. curious about jay and how he's going to play a part in this story. i have no idea why, i can just foresee the drama already lol.
4/3/2010 c1 4Whitney Love
Great new idea for a story. I look forward to the next chapter.


4/3/2010 c1 casualfan
Yay! Another fic from Spanglemaker! Definitely a good beginning. I liked how you showed the 2005 Bella as having this positive amazing energy and then the Bella 5 years later that seems defeated. She's lost Charlie, she seems to be in a relationship with Jay out of a sense of obligation and her dream of her magazine sounds like it has died too. I agree with Alice, I think she can do much better than Jay! Enter Edward, tired of the bar scene, tired because of work, just tired. Hopefully they will find someone to get them out of their respective funks...maybe at a wedding in Chicago...

Thanks for continuing to write, I look forward to more of this story!
4/3/2010 c1 21the-glory-days
So, so, SO excited for this. You should know that though. :P Can't wait to see where you take us, Spangly.
4/3/2010 c1 12Marvar
Please tell me Bella is not marrying that loser, Jay. I'm already hooked. Thanks for writing.
4/3/2010 c1 bellamarie4
ok-I'm in! Whose wedding? Can't wait for more-hope its soon!
4/3/2010 c1 18Miss Baby
I'm definitely liking it so far. Will Edward and Bella meet at the wedding?
4/3/2010 c1 MoriaAngel
And I am in! So I'll be joining the fun from the beginning :)
4/2/2010 c1 rtexas
OH! It sounds very interesting. Who is getting married? Is Bella married to Jay right now? I can't wait for the next chapter.
4/2/2010 c1 jantanamo
You've definitely piqued my interest with this prologue! Obviously, there are some questions, but I'm content to sit back and watch it unfold.

It's funny - as far as we know B&E haven't met yet, but I can tell already that their chemistry is going to be pretty fun and palpable. Looking forward to the first meet.

Something about the interest Bella showed in that short story makes me wonder if Edward ever submitted anything to New Moon? I know, I know, he went to Dartmouth, but hrm...

Anyway, looking forward to more!
4/2/2010 c1 thatgirljen
I like it! Im wondering if Jay is James or Jasper. He seems like a bit of a douche so I want to go with James, but the hair description sounded like Jasper so who the hell knows. Im getting a feeling that maybe Jay was Edwards roommate, but Bella mentioned nothing of being engaged in her present day pov so again I am left wondering. Great so far, cant wait to read more.
4/2/2010 c1 ForeverTeamEdward13
good chapter! please update again soon!
4/2/2010 c1 pamedo
looks interesting. im anticipating hot wedding sex maybe? lol..excited to see whats coming up :)
4/2/2010 c1 1Mrs Boyscout
Totally looking forward to seeing where this goes. Really interesting so far.
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