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for Stormy Night

4/18/2011 c2 8Undercoverbarbie
it sounds depressing thought but its interestingly bold
4/18/2011 c1 Undercoverbarbie
liking it so far
12/6/2010 c27 1Suraya Bakboord
Like, it is done? Why? What about the uchiha-daughters and sasuke. Wha are the daughters talking about? I really want to know. Don't let this be an open end. I hate that. Other then that: THE ATORY IZ HELLA AWSUM I HAVE NO CLIE HOW THE HECK U MADE THIS WORK SOOOOOO GOOODD THNK U THNK U SOOOOOOO MCHHH!
6/5/2010 c27 2Hydrag
THIS WAS THE BEST ITAHINA FIC THAT I'VE EVER READ! DEFINITELY MAKE A SEQUEL! It was sad that Itachi and Hinata died. Did Sasuke die? I forgot...

Anyway suck a cute story! Itachi was sooo romantic! I love him so much! Hinata is cute and sweet as always!
5/15/2010 c27 fan sand
when was this last chapter posted and LOVE IT 120% IT IS AWESOME!1
5/10/2010 c27 1EmoGirlxD
such a great great story! please so a sequel! ^-^
4/18/2010 c11 Darth-Taisha
Good chapter. I have to go to work soon, so I won't be able to read anymore. I will read some more tomorrow.
4/18/2010 c10 Darth-Taisha
Good chapter, this story does have some similarity to my Beach Interlude one but yours is different. It just makes sense for Hinata to want to try to heal him, at least it did to me. As a character she is caring like that. Nice job.
4/18/2010 c9 Darth-Taisha
Yikes, that dream was surprisingly real. Good chapter.
4/16/2010 c27 9BlackWerewolfOfPurpleRoses
Awesome story. I loved it and am happy I decided to read every last chapter. Thank you.
4/16/2010 c27 StormyIceEyes
So why didn't you name the children? That and if you make a sequel I bet it will be interesting
4/16/2010 c27 SolaceInTheRain
Nice way to end it, but did Itachi and Hinata end up dying? That's sad...
4/15/2010 c26 StormyIceEyes
Itachi? Kill Madara? Thats a laugh, but then again it may be possible
4/15/2010 c25 StormyIceEyes
Okay nice fight scene I admit to being a little impressed
4/15/2010 c24 StormyIceEyes
Sad Hinata flashbacks though I don't really think Hinatas father was that cruel
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