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4/13/2010 c14 StormyIceEyes
Nice chapter seems like theres a little Sasori/Hinata in this chapter ^_^ Cute
4/13/2010 c15 9BlackWerewolfOfPurpleRoses
Awesome choice in song. I love this song. Update soon.
4/12/2010 c13 StormyIceEyes
Kisame seems so bored, can't say I blame him
4/12/2010 c12 StormyIceEyes
Haha Deidara the wall powned you
4/12/2010 c11 StormyIceEyes
Well one can't say Hinata will be bored while Itachi is gone
4/12/2010 c10 StormyIceEyes
Nice training with the ravens after all that, hopefully Hinatas fighting abilities will improve
4/12/2010 c9 StormyIceEyes
Interesting nightmare, though something tells me it has something to do with the future...
4/12/2010 c8 StormyIceEyes
Hope Itachi gets better, this is going to suck if he dies (Bad enough they killed him on the anime)
4/12/2010 c7 StormyIceEyes
Childhood friends usually do know each other best, and by the way nice summons and names.
4/12/2010 c6 StormyIceEyes
So she risks it all to save Itachi huh? Maybe it's just me but I'm a bit suspicious, did Hinata really kill her father? There was no blood from him mentioned.
4/12/2010 c5 StormyIceEyes
The flashbacks were nicely done and I could see those happening as if they were in the manga or anime
4/12/2010 c4 StormyIceEyes
Ah so the ever famous girl gets caught and her prince is off to save her... fairy tales are so overrated
4/12/2010 c3 StormyIceEyes
Hnm... I guess Deidara seems like the ease dropping type otherwise id have to say that this chapter was just far fetched
4/12/2010 c2 StormyIceEyes
Nice practice fight hopefully Hinata gets better
4/12/2010 c1 StormyIceEyes
Nice start, looking forward to your next chapter
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