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for Stormy Night

4/12/2010 c13 SolaceInTheRain
Neither its evening where I am lol. Kisame sounds so bored lol. Itachi better keep him in line, before he steals all the fish lol. *Steals Deidara*
4/12/2010 c12 SolaceInTheRain
lol poor Deidara *Hugs*
4/12/2010 c11 SolaceInTheRain
Aw Itachis gone, poor Hinata *Hugs* and hopefully Sakura will get the antidote done for you! ^_^
4/12/2010 c10 SolaceInTheRain
Oh no Itachi and Hinata had a lovers quarrel lol glad they made up though. So cute together.
4/12/2010 c9 SolaceInTheRain
A day of laying around, chatting, and sleeping, always a plus! ^_^ *Hugs Deidara who wasn't mentioned in the chapter*
4/12/2010 c8 SolaceInTheRain
OMG! I hope Itachi gets to feeling better soon... poor Weasel Kun... and by the way awesome swords, did you name Hinatas sword purposely after one of the sharingan attacks?
4/12/2010 c7 SolaceInTheRain
Nice raven summons! Awesome names! I hope Hinata can do something, and change the future... poor Itachi... poor Deidara... *Is sitting in a corner pouting*
4/12/2010 c6 SolaceInTheRain
Wow Hinata had the 10 tails in her? Amazing! I'm glad they got out of there... and did Hinata really kill her father? OMG! Go Hinata!
4/12/2010 c5 SolaceInTheRain
Amazing so many flashbacks I can picture them as if they really did happen, geez you know I wish they haden't killed off the Akatsuki well most of them anyways and I wish Hinata really had ended up with Itachi...
4/12/2010 c4 SolaceInTheRain
Hahahaha Yea Pein torture those stupid ninja! Itachi you and Deidara better rescue Hinata before Itachi gets white hair from stressing so much.
4/12/2010 c3 SolaceInTheRain
Deidara is such an ease dropper lol and Itachis a worry wart *Hugs Deidara* My Deidara I love him. lol. I know im weird.
4/12/2010 c2 SolaceInTheRain
Nice a chapter of sparring between Itachi and Hinata, I'm glad there are so many chapters to read. It really is touching how eager everyone in the Akatsuki is to help Hinata out.
4/12/2010 c1 SolaceInTheRain
Cute I love how Itachi came out of nowhere and basically rescued Hinata! *Tosses you an Itachi and Hinata Plushie*
4/12/2010 c12 9BlackWerewolfOfPurpleRoses
awesome chapter! I feel somewhat bad for Deidara.
4/10/2010 c10 7crimsonkira
Wow.. you update fast. It's so cool how Hinata is so strong that she can defeat Deidara, blindfolded or not! Go Hinata!
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