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4/10/2010 c8 7crimsonkira
It's funny how Hinata's sword is named after a Sharingan technique. Also, I thought Itachi had a nosebleed after he saw Hinata. Poor Itachi, get well soon Weasel-kun! *Gives weasel plushie with 'Get better' on a card
4/9/2010 c7 Darth-Taisha
Good chapter, I look forward to your next update.
4/9/2010 c6 Darth-Taisha
Nice chapter.
4/9/2010 c5 Darth-Taisha
Aw, nice flash backs, good scenes-I could see them in my mind as I read them. Well done.
4/9/2010 c4 Darth-Taisha
I liked how she fought so hard and how everyone is trying to recover her, very touching.
4/9/2010 c3 Darth-Taisha
I liked it, however, Deidara having that much info about Itachi seemed a little too far-fetched for it to be believable to me. But, it was still a good scene:]
4/9/2010 c7 crimsonkira
*gasp* I'm mentioned in a story! Thanks for thanking me! I feel very sorry for you. Anyways I would've thought Itachi's summons would be weasels.. lol but crows could do more. Wise choice for the names as well! Good luck in taking care of your daughter :)
4/8/2010 c5 crimsonkira
OMG OMG ITACHI! *cries* I don't want my/Hinata's Ita-chan hurt! BTW you're awesome for updating everyday! Thanks!
4/6/2010 c3 crimsonkira
This is such a kawaii chapter and story! I don't want Hinata to go back :(
4/6/2010 c2 Darth-Taisha
Good chapter, I hope you keep going.
4/4/2010 c1 Darth-Taisha
Good story, I liked it. Are you going to make it longer or is it a one-shot? I also like the song.
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