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4/7/2010 c5 15Kholen Phantomine
Actually, I enjoy this. It's good, j'aime Queen, and it's RENT! I like how incrredibly AU it is, as well. It's in a good way, the characters don't seem totally wonky like they do sometimes. I expected it to be the other way around with MoJo, but hey. Otherwise, goodgood.
4/4/2010 c3 L. I. Rodriguez
=D Aw, I'm glad I could help. I really like Benny and Mark's part. It's like when Allison told them about the job, that's the moment when they each chose their own paths. A bit symbolic, in a way. And a huge YAY! for Maureen. Gosh, I love that girl. teehee, and Angel's rainbow tie, that was so awesome! Now I seriously want one. =D Update soon!
4/4/2010 c2 L. I. Rodriguez
Omg! I knew you would use Let Me Entertain You! That song is so perfect for the story, plus a great song as well. Once again, great satisfying chapter. I love this little detail you included:

"Fred was across the street at the other apartments with a bald black guy wearing a collared shirt and a blond white guy with a camera in his hand.

Ah you included Mark and Benny! Very, very cool. I can't wait for this story to develop. Hey, you know, Don't Stop Me Now is also a great Queen song. *hint hint* =D
4/2/2010 c1 L. I. Rodriguez
Wow... I honestly think this is really amazing. RENT and Queen, a couple of my absolute favorite things. The song you pick is beyond perfect for this amazing group of people. And I really like how you made Roger not be homophobic unlike April. I thought that was a really nice endearing little detail. It's great how you make each characters dreams obvious and show their individual struggles. Please, please continue and update as soon as possible. I like this a lot. *Smiles*

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