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for Tomb of the Broken

6/9/2015 c10 LoveSamandDean
I have read all of your stories. I love hurt sammy and protective dean. I think you are a great writer.
5/14/2015 c10 Sallyannerenee
Wow. Poor Sam. You did an amazing job with this story, very different from many I've read, but spot on with the characters.
8/3/2014 c10 5Frakking Toasters
This was a beauty! So creepy. Poor Sam. I loved it! xo
11/11/2012 c5 Guest
I just can't stop reading this! Thanks! :O)
5/24/2011 c10 12Lilly Emerald
Well, at least it had an ending and you didn't let writer's black stop you from completing this! Altho it was kind of a cliffhanger with Dean keeping his secrets. Anyway...I enjoyed reading it alot
5/24/2011 c8 Lilly Emerald
well, I'm sure that they could have easily made this into an episode. Love this chapter!
5/24/2011 c5 Lilly Emerald
Yay they got Sammy back! Is it wrong that I don't remember Joshua from the show? I thought he was a character you made up but i have seen other strories with him in it! i have watched all six seasons of supernatural...i'm guessing he is a hunter friend of their dads...but i just don't remember. Maybe i will have to start watching the series again lol
5/21/2011 c4 Lilly Emerald
I don't really see how things can get any worse for poor Sammy...but I bet they do! lol
5/20/2011 c2 Lilly Emerald
Am finally reading more of this story. I am curious to know where Sam is! Poor Sam...I think he is actually coping better then I would lol. I hope that Dean finds him soon before anything worse happens to him! I am just about to sort out my garden, we just moved and its a small garden but i am getting addicted to buying flower seeds...and it is very confusing where to put everything, and how much space they need and when to plant them! Anyway looking forward to reading more!
1/7/2011 c10 29CeCe Away
Good old yellow eyes healing Sam after his demons messed him up so much. I really liked this, Sam half crazy and Dean out of his mind with worry. Thanks.
9/3/2010 c10 34Sweetheart From Hell
I loved this story as well! And you're probably tired of getting reviews from me on, like, every story you've written right now... But yeah, I liked it! I think you manage to capture the brothers quite well, and the other characters I know from the show.
5/19/2010 c10 2MysteryMadchen
Sooo bummed that your on hiatus for long fic's but I'll take what I can get. When you do decide to get back on the band wagon would you please think about writing a blind Sam fic? Thanks so much for a fantastic story. Bring on the hurt/limp Sam. Thanks Nicole.
5/19/2010 c9 MysteryMadchen
Great chapter, sorry I didn't comment/review earlier but I left my laptop at work and had to wait to get it before I could review, thanks Nicole.
5/12/2010 c10 83blue peanut m and m
Fantastic Story, dark and mysterious.

I thought the ending was great Kris, not anticlimatic at all, just a nice sweet brotherly moment, which you know we all love.

On a side note, you do know I'm gonna be bugging your arse constantly to get you back into the big chapter fics, you know I'm still waiting for wheelchair Bobby to come to the rescue!

Catch you soon,

Gill x
5/11/2010 c10 134Soncnica
writer's block! *looks around* what writer's block? I see, read nor umm hear any writer's block here! what kind of pills are you on and can I have some! LOL

seriously...this was awesome...as always!

you say this might be anti-climatic, BUT I say: it fits!

loved it, loved it, loved it!


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