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4/6/2010 c1 32ShanoaWarrior
I never heard this song but I do think your fic is good; captures Nunnally's confusion and emotions well. I rewrote this scene in my fic too, though its part of a much longer story. Anyway, I look forward to seeing more works from you; good luck! :)
4/4/2010 c1 Aerial-Wings
Damn, that was very good.

Very very very good.

The description of Lelouch's death scene, it was all there.

I could feel her hatred, her fear, and her despair.

I could see the familial bond and the loss from death.

A really good one shot, I must say. Not many angsty ones leave me reviewing because it's pointless angst from nothing, while this has a concrete background that makes me wonder if this is how Nunnaly saw it.

Yeah, really liked it.

The fact that you described her voice at the end instead of just letting Nunnaly pour her heart out, that really added the 'oomph'.
4/3/2010 c1 1sakurahanaalice
I love how you included Ninnally's hatred and malice, and her contempt for FEELING those negative feelings. ^^ I guess I'll go and check out your other story then, if I'm not stuck doing homework... ugh... homework is the bane of my existence.

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