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for My Brother's Keeper

3/18/2011 c1 34Sparkiebunny
Wow, this was a beautiful piece. Short, sweet, to the point, yet at the same time very emotional and thoughtful. You did a great job of getting into Sam's head. This is my favorite line: "Dean's love and faith was Sam's salvation." ...So true and perfectly said. Well done! :)
4/5/2010 c1 46T.L. Arens
Nice story. :) I hope the series producers take a cue from your work.
4/4/2010 c1 14Hermione's Shadow
I love that you ended it with a Bible verse. That is probably my biggest struggle with the show, is how Heaven, Angels, and God are portrayed. Honestly, part of me wants to quit watching, but I am going to give it to the end of this season to see how it goes, because I'm hoping that it will kind of be like that one episode where Dean seems so against the idea of God and Angels and then at the end of that episode after seeing the way that guy dies, he's suddenly not so completely against the idea. I really also like the way you wrote this, the end of that episode, and the look on Sam's face when Dean dropped the amulet into the trash can made me cry. The best thing about this show was their relationship, and this constant on going angst, first with Sam keeping secrets, and then the lack of trust, and then just when we think they are getting close to starting to repair things, and then they give us this episode. Anyway, I really, really enjoyed your story, it makes me feel like I'm not alone in my angst for the brothers, and the shows portrayal of God so thank you :)
4/3/2010 c1 47Meggin Lane
Your story spoke the words I thought. I hope Sam does retrieve the amulet. And I think that those memories that God wanted them to remember were geared to be lessons. Mostly aimed at Sam, to teach him how much a central character Dean has always held him to be in his heart.

Sam now knows that every time he left Dean for "fun" it tore a piece of him away. And since his brother spent his whole life 'being there" for Sam in all his hours of need, it's time that Sam cowboy's up to help Dean in this his most despirate time of self doubt. Because if he can't save Dean from this crisis in faith in himself then they won't be able to have the strength to say "no" when the time comes.

And I get the feeling that getting Dean to wear that amulet again, not because of it's God finding GPS ablilities, but because it was a gift from Sam is key to getting Dean back to being Dean. And staying Team free will.

Thanks for putting it into words.
4/3/2010 c1 Cecil
Love the way you take this last scene. Very insightful thoughts.

Keep going with the good work! Love, C.
4/3/2010 c1 domino66
Lovely story and thoughful interpretation of back off
4/3/2010 c1 9primadonna cat
Dean's love and faith was Sam's salvation. He was sure that God had looked upon him with forgiveness because of his brother's love for him.

I really love this line. so true. Now Sam must have enough faith for both of them. Stay strong Sammy.

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