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8/10/2015 c13 Alex
Huh, why not just wish that Dr. Gero forgot about his research, and that his research notes were all destroyed. War averted, right?
8/1/2015 c16 14pr0dz
Is Aria Gohan's sister or Alternate Counterpart? O -o
11/1/2014 c21 PetrusMagnus
A pity you lose your enthusiam with the fics,or dont have more time,I dont know,
but your plot writing its suberb,both on this fiction and on naruto manga game,the flow its crazy,even with a simple revamp using the naruto plot and the game system together(initially doesnt seems that great the idea,but,the execution more than make up,no,making up its a understatement,it breaks the first impression,giving a 180 degrees twist...oh a pity
9/23/2014 c2 aFanAddict
I remember reading this story a while back a thoroughly enjoying it. I'll be rereading it and possibly dropping a review here and there. A bit of a side note. Yamcha and Tien could've been revived. I know Tien would stay cuz Chiaotzu. But Yamcha not so much. But at least they're joined by Krillin and Goku
9/7/2014 c2 1Selias
Soooo many spelling mistakes. At the very least, learn the difference between "your" and "you're."
3/31/2014 c21 5vinny valentino
Nice story, things are coming along nicely. Poor Cell, he always gets the shaft haha. Can't wait for the next chapter.
2/22/2014 c21 8RoxaShadow
wow... hahaha anticlimactic indeed... hopefully next one will be better!
2/22/2014 c21 2euroteres
AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA Oh god that was both adorable and fucking hilarious. Poor Cell XD
11/1/2013 c17 Gogglegirl
Who's daughter is that little girl? The one that can turn into a Super Saiyan?
10/15/2013 c20 8RoxaShadow
amazing story, DO NOT STOP! I cant find a single flaw in your writing, everything is so smart and well explained, plots in the story line that would usually make readers go WTF are detailed so that all makes sense (even when it shouldn't) and also... are you a published author? I'm pretty sure you could be, and if so... PLEASE SEND ME YOUR BOOK TITLES!...
(ps: your awesome)
9/28/2013 c20 11cookeaw1
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9/23/2013 c20 Guest
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8/18/2013 c20 Thanasi
Meh i really liked your idea of gero/cooler working together kinda thing. There is atleast one big plot hole though that you seem to have missed. Bojack couldnt have been released without a Kai dying and without Goku bringing cell to King Kai's planet no Kai would die as no one knows IT xept goku and would have any reason to kill said kai. I like that you finally unified Gohans power i dont like that you used an OC to do so. I find the Zaula thing to be stupid as hell. Gohan is 10, there would be a friends/comrades thing and thats about it. In truth the story has lots of awesome ideas in it, but the story itself is meh. Ill finish reading but i doubt i will like the ending all that much. Thanks for the story!
6/10/2013 c4 Wolverines
6/10/2013 c3 Wolverines
Good chapter
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