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2/2 c24 kmplease
Thank you for this story
11/23/2018 c24 PaulinaDragona
I like your fiction !
3/5/2018 c24 Guest
good story
2/15/2018 c24 Rlkotatis
Truly a gem. Thank you for this.
1/22/2018 c24 1DemonicFox6548
God that was mesmerizing and so awesome I couldn't stop reading this, by far this is my favorite and made it to the top of the list to be number one. Can't wait to read more of your stories.
9/18/2017 c8 Ella morgens
Her middle Name is Jean.
6/2/2017 c23 cyn
Type your review ur madding
11/7/2016 c5 Magical Muggle
I tried to keep an open mind while reading this story but its all just so frustrating to read. You literally somehow made a worse love story then twilight. Hermione is obnoxiously infuriating. Every other sentence describes Tom as her love, but then: oh no Tom is also a monster. He has her family killed, tortures her, imprisons her, orders his followers to use her like a slave, and even let's her be raped.
Which is such a WTF moment, like something you, the author, added just because you could. Because according to everything you wrote before Tom is super possessive and suddenly he decides to teach Hermione a lesson about being unfaithful to him by having her be raped. Like really? That's Voldimorts solution? Because from what you wrote before it would make more sense if he just locked her up again. But whatever, rape is always the simple way of adding drama to a story.
Then Voldemort has these moments were he goes all teary-eyed as he tries to convince Hermione to say sorry - you really jump around with characterization in an effort to make us care about Tom(the murder rape ordering snakeman) and Hermione(Someone who almost singlehandly killed all of her friends and loved ones, loves a man who peronaly tortured, enslaved, and had her raped-i'm repeating these points because I hope you realize just how fricken ridicules your character is for even liking him, like if you were in that situation would you honestly like Tom?- and she thinks about she still loves him because she is the actually definition of a beaten housewife in your story.
She loved Ron Weasley according to you and she got over that but apparently she can't get over Tom because Bella Swan is her soul sprirt and she can do nothing but stare out a window and think about how much she loves him but shouldn't love him.
11/5/2016 c24 Guest
me siento súper confundida
3/31/2016 c7 Lord Asmodeus
Hermione is such an insufferable being. To fall in love with her is to fall in love with self-righteous insanity. A bane upon the soul of the strong.
2/9/2016 c24 1StoppedForGood
Wow, what an intense story. Confusing at times, but also well written. Thank you for sharing the story with us.
11/17/2015 c24 tneha
Hey SW. I just read the story from start to finish and it was amazing! A completely original plot. I loved all the characters especially Antoine. I guess in a story like this a happy ending is not possible. When Hermione was with Tom I wondered what would happen to Draco and the baby. When she was with Draco I wondered if she'll find her happy ending with Tom. It was a tough balance you maintained. I mourn Tom, an evil megalomaniac though he was.
Look forward to reading your stories in future!
9/3/2015 c24 XxSlytherinGirlRiddlexX
My feelings have gone into overload now omfg. Loved it 3
8/17/2015 c1 Grace3911
You should make a story about Antoine falling in love with Hermiones daughter.
4/16/2015 c24 ZEE

Although I felt at times you let a good plot get a little toooo unrealistic (he KEPT killing people and she KEPT forgiving him, and i get the point of that, but come on it got to the point of ridiculousness/How Hermione handled being pregnant, i mean come on she didnt even react?!), and certain characters were very AU (okay i get that thats because what they went through changed them but i cannot see Harry ditching Hermione even temporarily), OVERALL i liked how original this was, and how you developed it _ Loved Antoine, such an awesome OC, really highlights your spectacular potential as a writer. You made me squeal and scream and cry so you succeeded as a writer despite the little plot annoyances that got to me. Most successful though, was that you made me fall in love with tom one scene, and then the very next I hated him and myself a little for forgicing his character. You really put me in Hermiones shoes, and thats a gift as a writer. Not the biggest fan of the ending, but i kinda feel thats intentional, there was no happy ending for hemione. She loved Tom she/we could only be happy if she ended with him, but at the same time there was no way that could happen without other loved characters dying, so Hermione had to read a compromise, and that reflected in readers not being satisfied with her end- just like she was not.
Oh oh, and the scene in Antoines where Draco stood up to Tom? JEGDTBGFD YES. Such a good moment, such really accurate characterisation showing his realistic growth as a character. Overall:
KEEP WRITING! Write your own book! You've shown such enormous potential in devleloping your own characters and plot that it'd be criminal not to!
Thanks for this fic, well done i love it, keep writing! 3
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