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for The Legend of NiGHTS

9/16/2013 c4 Anonymous Hearts
*slap* thats from the Legend of NiGHTS muse.
6/21/2013 c4 6zdragon5700
This is a great story
10/23/2012 c4 2Azorawing
Nice story maby one day you'll continue it...
11/2/2011 c4 11sonicxjones
10/12/2011 c4 55
So what this Kris look like anyway? I imagine some one who looks like a cross of Ashei and a human Midna.
10/12/2011 c1 55
WHO is Kris? WHO is the gardenkeeper? WHAT is the garden for and WHO is Zelda? (just kiddin bout the last one, of course I know who Zelda is, she is the...talking tree? angry moon? no no she was that stuby little onion that followed you in the wind temple on WW!)
2/23/2011 c3 krysten
please update soon
9/19/2010 c3 9SanityLeaving
this was good. you were too lazy to write the full dungeon part, and now I;m too lazy to write a full review... but this was really great!
9/19/2010 c3 Idontevenusethisanymore
Wow. This was good. I understand how writers block is. I get it all the time. One moment, i think up a great scene to write about, i go to the computer, then as soon as i sit down to start typing, i am like, uhhh what? So yeeeeah. Anyways, good story so far.
9/18/2010 c2 Idontevenusethisanymore
Please please please please please please please update this sooooooooon! I am DYING here.
6/28/2010 c2 PureUntarnishedSilver
...Wow...I have to say this that The Legend of NiGHTS has to be your best fanfic on here ever! The descriptions in the first chapter of Dreamer's Garden were awesome. For it being your fanfic on here, it was well-written and I could actually see the events happening before my eyes! That's always a score with me...heheheheh. Anyway, keep writing-I really want to see what happens! :)I also love the natural humor in this between Link and Kris; it's really obvious that they're close. And that Link loves Zelda! XD So please keep writing! (And yes, I do know I already said that!)
6/17/2010 c2 LoN fan
I read Sketches and scars so I checked out ur profile. Scroll down.., hm! A legond of Zelda/ NiGHTS fanfic, two of my favorite things! Quickly check the categories... Another hm! Only Zelda/NiGHTS fanfic there is! :O so here I am! Oh right... Awesome story! Please keep writing this, it's too good to ignore/delete! Loved it!
5/8/2010 c1 Iluvryan
Omg it's Kris! I love nights and loz! Awesome story and I agree with luigi: post more! Btw I think you should add Ryan he totally rocks!
4/6/2010 c1 SanityLeaving
awesome! great story! love it, POST MORE!

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