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for 100 Ways To Annoy Lord Voldemort

8/31/2021 c1 WarriorQueen
oh my god. OH MY GOD. OHHHHHHHHHHHH MYYYYYYYYYYYYYY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. This is soooo funny omg wow write more like these!
10/8/2020 c1 Guest
10/19/2017 c1 130Batmanfan12
I have tears in my eyes lol this is perfect!
9/16/2016 c1 Wolf
Continue or I shall take over the world ... WITH PEANUT BUTTER...AND CHEESE
5/5/2015 c1 3WhiteWhisperingWind
Cant Stop Laughing! xD
3/1/2014 c1 8Allen's Matchmaker
Aim: Sound like a brat. Or a very horribly done Draco Malfoy.
Purpose: to make a new chapter appear.

Wait till my father hears of this! By the time he's finished with you, this fiction will be done!
7/5/2013 c1 1Yahav Rasberry Juice
wow,i finished reading it just now,and the only thing i have in mind is how its fits darren criss to play as harry in this fic...d;
7/8/2012 c1 Guest
6/28/2012 c1 Guest
oh goood so funny! XDDDD like it very much but sometimes it was hard to distingush between the time intervalls... WANT MORE! X/X
12/7/2011 c1 34Unwritten Whispers
Hahahahahaha oh my god! I love this so much!
10/15/2011 c1 ImmaTheta
This story is REALLY funny. The only problem is telling all the seperate times apart from eachother. Maybe you should put a divider line?
8/1/2011 c1 1Brightclaw1
XD This is really good! Really funny and interresting!
7/27/2011 c1 1Encypher
I loved that, it was a brilliant chapter. The Voldemort-Harry interaction was hilarious, I love how Voldemort just kept getting wound up by Harry every time. Are you still planning on adding more to it?
5/29/2011 c1 Z26Y25X24
LOVE! Hope you update soon.
3/2/2011 c1 7punkey.doodle.funky.noodle
hehe. This is seriously good stuff!


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