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for Saffire I

5/29/2011 c2 1Crystal Dragon Jesus
No, just, no. You know the review you got from Darktayle? Pay attention to that.
8/11/2010 c2 8Spontaneite
...I'm afraid to inform you that Saffire is a very, very blatant Mary-sue. I'm not trying to be mean. I'm just trying to give you advice. Beast Boy and especially Raven don't seem the type to give names with three middle names, for one thing. She doesn't seem to like overdoing things and more than one middle name is definitely overdoing it unless you have a very good political/familial/cultural reason for it. Additionally, Raven does not seem at all the type to name a child what is essentially a mispelling of Sapphire.

Second, you might want to explain why angels actually exist, because we've never seen trace of anything supernatural except Raven and her father and his lackeys in the series.

Third, your angel reports that this child will be special and essentially some sort of modern day messiah. I haven't read your other stuff, but let me guess: Saffire grows up, has incredible powers, and everyone tends to be in awe of her? Powers need to have downsides, and a danger magnet is not a downside. Beast Boy's downside is that his animal nature is hard to suppress and he sometimes can't control himself, as in the Beast incident. Raven's is the difficulty of feeling emotion.

Fourth, if Saffire has both transformation ability and black magic ability, she should have blown the hospital up by now because a newborn has absolutely no hope of controlling her emotions. Any animals she changes into will be babies, like a bald baby bird, a hatchling dinosaur, a b
7/25/2010 c2 7Shac89
Great Job I think that was really funny that the nurses were freaked out but Garfield kept his cool. Update soon...Please.

Keep It Up

Keep Writing

6/3/2010 c2 67Linzerj

BB, just propose to Raven already! LOOK AT ALL YOUR KIDS! YOU DINGBAT!

BB: I'm a dingbat?

Me: I just said that! LISTEN, BB! GAH!
4/18/2010 c2 12BG224
okay im not supposed to be on but my moms out. great job on this one! really liked it! man you are a handful! lol

PS im done with the chapter but im on my phone so i will give it to you when i can go on. that might be in a while though cuz my mom wants to check things out cuz i had an alergic reactoin the other day with pepper juice...PMSP oh and thanks for putting me in your other story ily!

4/16/2010 c2 2The Mighty One

Great job, on the descriptions, on the dialog, on the timing of events, and on planning out on how the things you wanted to encorperate, were emplaced. Well done, very well done indeed. ;)

I liked how the angel came to the Titans, how the others reacted to the futuristic news, and how Raven rubbed her belly, as though feeling her womb of the newborn she has not yet given birth to.

The descriptions are deep and very well crafted, you have true tallent and have captivated my mind, just as you have captivated my heart. ;)

This tale is very strong, deeply moving, and the dialog is just as powerful as the descriptions, and I really like how Starfire and Robin (now Nightwing) are married and have childeren of their own. I like how Cyborg and Bumblebee are together, another good pairing, and how Raven and Beast Boy already have a few other childeren.

If you want, the next chapter could be of Raven and Beast Boy getting married, on Beast Boy taking the next step of their deeper love to another level, and of the wedding itself as the others react, the festivities on the big day, and how baby Saffire draws the couple to accepting that now the relationship of boyfriend and girlfriend, has moved onto the stronger and more romantic bonds of marrige.

I look forwards to when you post the next update, whenever that may be, whenever you are ready and willing. No need to rush, take your time, I'll be waiting and ready when you are.

4/12/2010 c2 25RavenxIsxAxBlackxRose
Awesome job! i love reading more about Saffire! keep up the god work,

black rose

(p.s. squrrils are evil!)
4/5/2010 c1 mellow
Wouldn't it be better to post the story AFTER you've finished writing it? This is especially important since doesn't allow a chapter to be JUST an author's note. I'm sure they won't find it as there are plenty of "not allowed" stories here. (I.E. song fics)

Just my two cents. Later.

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