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for The Heart of a Dragon

3/5/2014 c1 TheHeroOfAkatosh
You should really do a gundam wing elder scrolls style because i can imagine some of the characters playing the role for oblivion and skyrim.

Heero-hero of kvatch/ dragonborn

King peacecraft - uriel septim/ high king torygg

Quatre- Martin Septim

Duo - dark brotherhood
Treize- mankar camoran/ ulfric stromcloak.

Hopefullt this will give you an idea to write another gundam wing story based on the elder scrolls series because i would really like to see that happen.
2/26/2014 c1 TheHeroOfAkatosh
I was wondering what happened to you're sequel because i can't seem to find it anywhere!

Please let me know soon, thank you.
2/24/2014 c1 TheHeroOfAkatosh
Dragons are my all time favorite and i know this story is old but i love it, and i was hoping if you have the time you can do a gundam wing fic based on the elder scrolls series like oblivion and skyrim because i would really like to see it.

And consider this idea thank you!
7/29/2013 c5 4b1ackcat13
Wow! Your story was amazing! I love the way u made heero act. Milliardo was a great over protective brother with his sword. N Relena was great. The dreams she had n the mystery behind it was great. I hope u do a sequel. Or at least another fanfic about these 2 n other couples.
-Blackrose Aki
3/19/2011 c5 fox
it was a good story i hope to read the sequel to it soon
4/8/2010 c3 relena
hi again. nice story
4/6/2010 c3 1salimaran08
so he's a dragon?
4/6/2010 c2 salimaran08
hi, I enjoyed reading your story, you're really skilled.I like the sort of beauty and the beast. keep up the good work. see ya

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