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for Back 4 More: Southern Edition

6/30/2010 c9 6Pikachu4Prezident
Once again, another great chapter, my man. Keep it up!
6/29/2010 c9 Nariko-Kyoko
OMG FINALLY! I was waiting for like ever, i thought you were dead! But you finally postes...after like...a month...YAYZERS
6/29/2010 c9 Technocidal Maniac
Jeez, you were gone for a LOONG time! Glad your back! And how about an impromptu meeting between the Back 4 More team and the L4D2 team?
6/29/2010 c9 10That Engineer
if i had to guess a tank would probably be the principal, or a football coach, a jockey would be a professor, and a hunter, i don't know.
6/29/2010 c9 Fishy Crackers
So i was bored out of my mind, playing F.E.A.R. 2, and i decide to check my email. There it is, new chapter. "Oh good" I thought "Now i have an excuse to stop playing" and what an excuse it was. I have to say, you really captured the personalities of the survivors in this chapter moreso than in the others. I literally laughed at the Keith stories, because it's just the thing you'd expect to hear, and just as lovable as always.

It's honestly getting hard to find any criticism, because even those tiny flaws the stories originally had, those seem gone now. What i will say though is that it's interesting to see the type of people that the specials once were, and if that determines what they will become. I'll be honest, i am excited that the Back 4 More sequel will be coming, and i'll also be honest to say that i wont miss the characters of Southern Edition quite as much. Maybe it's just because i'm so used to them already. Anyway, to sum it all up, good work. Keep doing what you're doing because it's working.
6/21/2010 c8 Technocidal Maniac
Pretty decent "in between" for the Back 4 More('s (hopefully soon! :D))
6/21/2010 c8 roxasrules
Even thought it was short it was still pretty good,

I laughed alot in the flashback xD!

Just for that part i give this chappy a 4/5
6/14/2010 c8 18Leo Marie Octavian
Pointlessness is good... 'Specially if there's some good ol' violence that goes along with it...

I finished reading the first Back 4 More yesterday, and I started on this one today, and I must say, I'm still impressed. You just... You get the characters. Heeh.

Keep up the good work. :)
6/13/2010 c8 bleepyoucantfindmebloopblurp
haha! Nick is a riot...really, he is. He just HAD to kill Jimmy or whatever his name is...cruel. Love his jokes. Funny as hell. You're awesome, really. You got SKILL.

6/8/2010 c8 4ConGie
Eh, it's ok, nothing special. I did like that part with the tank though, that was awesome!

The Sage of Water,

6/7/2010 c3 1ShadowFighterX
I really enjoyed the character of the crazy man, reminded me of the church guy in the original L4D. he was well written and realistic. keep going! =)
6/7/2010 c8 Fishy Crackers
So I was working on some stuffs that bore me more than 4th period and i decided i should drop in and say hello. To review, there's not much i can say that i didn't state in my last review. I could say that it's disappointing that the chapters are getting shorter, but i can't really blame ye for that.

What i really wanted to talk about was my experience earlier today. I was playing Overlord 2, which naturally made me feel like looking up some Overlord fanfiction. This then made me think of coming back to the Left 4 Dead section to see if i could find another good L4D fanfiction, so i loaded up my preferences and hit Submit.

Here's the problem i'm having though, i don't want to read another story. After finishing Back 4 More, and continuing with Southern Edition, i just can't read another Left 4 Dead series without you behind it. You're a good writer, aye? Good luck to ye.
6/2/2010 c8 abandoned.396479948924280
All I have to say is...FINALLY! :3
6/1/2010 c4 6Pikachu4Prezident
Good to see you haven't forgotten about this story yet. Nice job, as usual.
6/1/2010 c8 9Bishieluver01
Calm down, the chapter was fine, short as it was... Just see it as... 'necessary filler' material. ^^ Hope to see you soon!
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