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5/31/2010 c8 9Slicerness
on the contrary i enjoyed a nice bit of nostalgia remembering the three clips worth of ak47 rounds and three swings of a katana it took to take down jimmy gibs the last time i fought him.

tough bastard, that one.

why'd you delete the chapters about the poll in the training fic? since i already reviewed it suggestion ideas i couldn't review again when you replaced it.
5/31/2010 c8 goobyeeveryone
Oh how I missed the violance and gore of your story, good job on the chapter.
5/31/2010 c8 10That Engineer
man Nick really fucked up that tank
5/27/2010 c7 7PenofDOOMSDAY
Well, this is fun. I like this story, yet I haven't reviewed these later chapters. God damn it, Jimmy Gib- I mean, laziness.

Why would Nick ever dream about shooting Jamie? That guy must have a twisted mind or something.

And that manhole quote? Best. Line. Ever. Of all time. (Not his fault, someone put a gay-bar in his way)

Up-up-1 UP-DATE!
5/25/2010 c7 abandoned.396479948924280
WERE ARE JOO! Youz needz morez chapterz...IZ LIKEZ THISZ STORYZ ANDZ MEZ HASN'TZ READZ SINCEZ...ABOUTZ AZ MONTHZ AGOZ...plz comz backz youz fanz needz joo...T_T...
5/19/2010 c7 Rae 4231
cmon!MORE CHAPS! dont leave you followers hanging!^_^
5/4/2010 c7 roxasrules
Sorry about not reviewing for awhile.

Sister hogs the computer all day.

Anyway GREAT chapter again. I laughed when Nick kept getting in and out of the car.

Towards the end it got sad though, I was a bit scared when Nick shot Jamie. Then i realised it was a dream.

5/5 Keep up the good work!
5/2/2010 c7 3RoseintheShadows7
Okay, sorry it took me so long, life's been CRRAZY! But anywhozzit, another excellent story if I do say so myself. The whole Nick-situation tugs at my heartstrings and makes me want to hug some little kid or teddy bear or somethin (don't ask I haven't slept in a while). So, keep goin'! I love it and can't wait for more :)
5/2/2010 c6 3Huitzil
Why would the copter have taken them north? The entire eastern half of the US has fallen to the infection, that's what the map that told them to go to New Orleans indicated. There'd be no way CEDA would be evacuating people in Tennessee, it would be totally overrun. They're evacuating people to a fleet of cruise ships in the Gulf of Mexico, where they know the Infected can't reach.

Aside from that, the action sequences can be a bit stilted, they don't seem to flow as well as they could. And it's just weird how you precede every chapter with the Survivor's weapon loadout - you already told us what they picked up in the story, you don't have to remind us.

That's not to say it isn't a good story, it is. Your dialogue is great, especially Ellis's - you perfectly captured the spirit of the Keith stories instead of just repeating the ones from the game. Rochelle doesn't really have a distinct characterization, but she didn't have a personality in the game either, so that isn't your fault. Keep writing it and I'll keep reading it.
4/30/2010 c7 9Slicerness
i can imagine what ellis was goin through. i used to live in a rather small town. everybody knew everybody and your doctor was most likely also the mailman.

if the green flu hit there i can't imagine alot of survivors would come out of it. no one would be able to kill that many people they knew without losing it. zombie or not.

wonder what happened to keith anyway...
4/30/2010 c6 Slicerness
now thats a funny thought. jesus and superman swooping down and punching them into paste/turning them into funk- er, wine.
4/29/2010 c7 4ConGie
Hehehe, Ellis Ellis Ellis, you never cease with the many stories. Maybe you could have him tell everyone who exactly he shot back home, get the story of his chest y'know? You could probably make that an entire chapter if you do it right. Anyways, great update, can't wait for next!

The Sage of Water,
4/29/2010 c7 goobyeeveryone
Ahh so here we get into the phycological part of the story. Interesting and good job.
4/29/2010 c7 9GreyWarden2009
Great update as always. I hope that dream isn't a form of foreshadowing on your part though, Jamie was freaking awesome!
4/29/2010 c7 The Golden Echo
Aha! Just! Made! Connection! VERY blonde moment there, awesome job, keep going! I feel really stupid for reading seven chapters of this and your "Family Man" story, and JUST having my sudden realization! Ack...
-The Golden Echo
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