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for The REAL Life Of Kagome

11/11/2015 c30 Undertheskys
Man i wanted Rin to say that Kagome is her mom even tho she ans sesshomaru arent together
11/11/2015 c21 Undertheskys
When she getting her memory back?
11/11/2015 c15 Undertheskys
Wheres Sango and Miroku? You mentioned everyone else but them
11/11/2015 c9 Undertheskys
People be watchin them kiss and stuff
10/24/2015 c44 feefee242
Loved the story it was so awesome:-)
10/10/2015 c44 Guest
Thia story was awesome. It kept me entertained. It was cool how lagome kept traveling from place to place. Really loved the story
6/29/2015 c15 Shayla
I was at the fifteenth chapter and i stared thinking when sakura startes telling them her real parents appearances and i was like omg that sounds like deida
3/14/2015 c5 31SapphireKageKyuura
I liked the story and story line and plot. I was just wondering if there was a pairing? If Kagome was being paired with anyone in the story. :)
3/1/2015 c15 Guest
XD I know its a little late to enter this buy I just started reading this fanfic and realized who her parent were.
Mom-Deidera (spelling?)
Dad-Sasori (spelling?)
1/25/2015 c44 mizuki akazawa
Sugoi! Thanks for the story!
1/25/2015 c44 1Fluffy an Youko Girl
Loved your whole story it was awesome
1/24/2015 c44 NOONEALIVE
Loved it! Absolutely amazing!
1/16/2015 c14 erica
1/11/2015 c4 NarutoXHonoka
wow i never seen that coming, it's interesting IoI, it make the me curious what will happen in the next chapter :D
1/11/2015 c1 NarutoXHonoka
wow interesting Start and have many potential
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