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7/17/2014 c1 2Sootfeather
...I can't believe I haven't had favourited this already...

Beautiful, heartbreaking, well-written and nightmareish. I think this is my favourite CL oneshot of all time since it's something that could have really happend in the series but wasn't shown to us. I have always liked William a lot and that's why this fic really had an impact on me. Congratulations.
10/13/2013 c1 58Starlit Skyline
Wow, this blew me away. It's very original and captivating. Franz Hopper erasing William's memories, William going going insane - everything is just so incredible!
7/22/2012 c1 4Yules
First things first, I love the feel of this piece. It was almost mystical in a way, and you could feel the confusion. Even in the end (and you did a great job subtly drawing the conclusion together), there was a bit of "what has just happened?" and you never quite lose that feeling. I guess the right way to describe it would be like a /dream/. I also really like how you touched upon a moment that was never shown, but it's very plausible. And the bit of Aelita!love from Franz made me smile.

"I loved my daughter, you know. And I left her in the company of that beast for eleven years. Now she's so different, so broken. I can't talk to her. I don't know why I can't talk to her. You're just like her, William. I destroyed you, just like I destroyed her."

Beautiful line right here. Seriously. I love it.

I also liked the switch from a more third-person POV to Franz'. I didn't realise it until I went back to reread the story and realised that it had started in following William's actions. And then somehow, somewhere along the way, we'd gotten into Franz' thoughts. And interesting thoughts they were. I loved getting more insight on him! Great work, and I'm excited to read more from you. :)
7/17/2012 c1 1Rinima256
This is brilliant, sent chills down my spine :D
7/20/2010 c1 23Remzal Von Enili
that is F***ing creepy!
4/28/2010 c1 6Ranchdressing
It's rare to find a good story about what William went through because of X.A.N.A. I love this story. It definately tugs on my heart strings and makes me feel sorry for the poor kid.
4/10/2010 c1 15neon flights
I don't think there's enough CL fic that's as eerie as this - strange as it is, I love stories that deal with any kind of psychology.

What I liked particularly was William's dialogue. I think it really helped to use quotes from the show itself, because insane chattering is really hard to write smoothly. You'd think if someone's nuts, it would be really disjointed, but I feel it needs some kind of sense to it. Gives it a real deep connection to the person's mind.

...now that you've posted a fic, I should go by your example and write something to post too! The novels have made me want to write CL again. D:
4/9/2010 c1 3Planet Cool
Once again, I admire your fannish devotion. I particularly loved the "That's no fire!" paragraph... there's something very, fantastically heartfelt about it. Good job, two thumbs up! It definitely should have been part of the show...
4/7/2010 c1 45Stonecreek
The author's note does wonders for the story's comprehension level for me. And no, I still can't pick out all the quotes in that one section. but every time I read this, it grows on me a bit. So, nice job.

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