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for Of Men and Mule

9/18 c9 19Kamen Rider Raika
Given the upcoming adaption of the Foundation series, I was looking around and came across this. And this is a pretty good story. It does a decent job of introducing any uninitiated readers of the Foundation series, like myself (I've only read summaries and heard of the stories, never read them), to a lot of its concepts and characters while balancing it with Star Wars' mumbo-jumbo. It was interesting to see the thoughts and interactions of the characters.

I think my only critique would be the lack of lines to separate the scenes in each chapter. Also, certain short scenes could've easily been added into the longer ones (e.g. the latest scene of the Mule vs Vader could ended with the former's POV).

Other than that, it was an interesting read. I'm not sure if you'll ever touch this anytime soon, but I hope for the best. Take care.

Raika out.
7/2/2018 c9 Guest
Damn you! This is some good stuff my dude. Wish you would update this story.
5/30/2017 c8 Guest
7/11/2016 c8 albeva
Awesome! Thanks for the update. Looking forward for more :)
5/13/2013 c5 Mortimier
Nice. Makes sense now why Foundation ships prevailed :) What will happen when Vader and Mule meet? :D Please continue
5/1/2013 c4 Spacebattler

You have my attention and interest.

Let's hope this fic continues.
11/6/2012 c4 Robert
INTERESTING I wonder where this is going?
10/3/2012 c4 albeva
I love The Foundation series and I really like your story. I was (pleasantly) surprised that Foundation ships defeated the Empire - somehow I expected the other way around. I am looking forward with great interest to see how you combine two such vastly different stories together and what have you planned for Mule.
1/22/2011 c3 8RLS83843
Interesting start. I hope you haven't abandoed the story
5/16/2010 c3 2KGB
Interesting story. It's been a while since I read the Foundation, it's slowly coming back to me now. You've found a great point for a divergence from canon.

I'm interested in seeing how the Mule and the force and force users interact. Can he superpower Sith by increasing their hate? Will he discover true evil, is it repulsive, addicting?

I'll look forward to the next update.

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