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6/9/2019 c2 UpdatePlease
Please Update please updateeeeeee.
6/12/2015 c2 9Asuka1920
Loven it! Please update soon!
10/7/2014 c2 Nekophile
8/12/2014 c2 BlueStarLightCB
It's been so long please continue this story i quite enjoy thins !please!
2/1/2014 c2 Readeress
I've read this and I like the suspense. Good job! XD
And now I've even reviewed.
WHEN you're gonna UPDATE! I'm desperate! DX
5/22/2013 c2 8Mystearica 'Primal' Fende
I liked the story! And the idea too! But, next chapter?
10/8/2011 c2 anna
u basterd make another chapter already! come on its soooooo much suspence!
4/18/2011 c2 3FedoraGirl90
Thanks for the great story! I feel so bad for Yoshimori. Can't wait for the next update, post another chapter soon ^_^
3/18/2011 c2 aryaa
I love you and your stories so HURRY AND UPDATE! I'm dying with curiousity!
2/25/2011 c2 20Vampy
Wow! You know the first chapter was a bit hard to follow, but this chapter had none of those issues! It's great! Guurr! Suspense! *bites nails* And yay! Masamori! I really loved how your wrote him, very Masa like. Can't wait for the next chapter! XD
2/21/2011 c2 52addie-cake
Poor Yoshimori! Still, I would like to see you continue this story. I really like it.
2/19/2011 c2 6Silver Wolf 551
You HAVE to keep writing, I L-O-V-E it! No corrections, minus the japanese honorfic-things. I know more or less what the are, but what are 'Gaki' and 'Aniki'? Anyways, keep writing~!

~Silver Wolf 551
2/17/2011 c2 5Full Worm Garden
Awesome. Keep it intense. This is good! Keep it up!
2/16/2011 c2 DuskyNights
I wonder what happens next! Eh...if you're going to add gore to the story now and alot of it then maybe you should change the rating from 'T' to 'M' at some point. I'm not saying you should I'm just...saying.

Well anyway update soon!
2/16/2011 c2 1Reiu4h
waaah! new chapter! thank you very much~
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