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for Fate's Chosen

10/13 c1 Pointer3109
That was actually pretty fun, and about right. After all she put Harry through it would be 'Screw you!'. lol

The link to your Amazon handle didn't work, so could you try the first and last name?
9/1 c1 Guest
Don't know whether or not I want this to all be Fate's actual plan or not. What would be funnier, Harry eventually dying of old age just to find Fate smirking at him for doing what she wanted, or raging at him for mucking everything up?
1/23 c1 hunzbookwyrm
10/3/2020 c1 11stevem1
Wow. This was completely different.
7/21/2020 c1 26EdTheBeast
A funny, one shot comedy. Taken at the expense of the Reaper challenge. A must read for shits and giggles.
6/1/2019 c1 Corwyn
Okay, interesting ... thanks for sharing this with us.
8/19/2018 c1 Guest
So, that's why the short form for Dumbledore's group was called, "The Order". And all was well because the Status Quo never got shook up too badly.

8/18/2018 c1 3Deathmvp
Nice job on reversing this.
7/10/2018 c1 keichan2

Excellent twist! :-D

Thanks for sharing!
6/23/2018 c1 Guest
this was great i had to leave a review to tell you how funny i thought it was, maybe you could do a sequel where Fate is going nuts until her boss sends for her to find out why she had interfered with his plans for harry, and was harassing him, to make up for it she has to visit him in the mortal world and make amends.
3/18/2018 c1 Rebmul
I kinda want to see how she reacts
3/2/2018 c1 1Jimbocous
2/7/2018 c1 angeltrin1
Well that was just funny as hell! Thank you for the whimsical story, I really enjoyed it's!
1/10/2018 c1 3Momkey627
Omg! This also means he's not married to the Barn anymore! He had to DIE in order for fate to talk to him. Till DEATH do they part! LOL!
12/17/2017 c1 21Duchess67
That last line was hysterical!
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