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1/31/2014 c3 28mr grimjaw
this epic let naruto have a harem of women!
1/31/2014 c2 mr grimjaw
this is so good cant wait for tsunade kaushina and jairyra to find out Naruto is a alive
1/28/2014 c1 mr grimjaw
this is so good
11/21/2013 c3 246vili
Ok, in my opinion this went waaay too smoothly. So I just can't shake the filling something big and bad is going to happen, and considering the fact, that Danzo and the other a**holes in the council is in the picture, I might be right.
11/21/2013 c2 246vili
Future daimyo or not IF Kushina finds out everything that includes Naruto, she's as good as dead.
7/22/2013 c5 Guest
If you want to read a good DBZ story, check out Bringer of Death. It is widely considered the best DBZ story on this site. You should check it out if you haven't already.
8/10/2012 c1 Agato - The Hadou Inari
Not bad not bad.
12/25/2010 c5 Wirespeed91
I like the story premise, but I notice that you have a bit of trouble with grammar, especially verbs on occasion. The Subject/verb tenses don't agree, and there are also problems with parallelism (that is, keeping the same verb tense through a scene), and there are a few more as well. Keep up the work though, you'll improve over time.
12/25/2010 c5 6notgonnasay09
It is difficult to tell exactly where you are going with this. Are you planning a multi-pairing with Naruto, monogamous, ect.? I mean, you kept calling Ino and Sakura future vixens, and you had Hinata blushing, so I assume that suggests more than one girl, but it's hard to tell sometimes. It was alright, if a little unusual.
12/25/2010 c5 Hades252 2
Awesome, this has finally been updated after so long! It was a great chapter and some parts were very cute, good that Sasuke was knocked down a few pegs and Naruto even made friends with the future Konoha 9 minus Sasuke. You also implied quite a bit on possible future pairings for little Naruto-chan and it seems you decided not to have Kushina 'claim' Naruto as her own with how 'lovey-dovey' she is with Tenchi. It's also interesting that you created an organization seeking world domination with this SEED. Hope to see another update relatively soon and see what training Naruto gets to supplement his training from Tenchi as well as Tenchi's to take-on his role as 'Yondaime' Hokage.
11/25/2010 c4 NaruxRena
10/12/2010 c4 1Kamish88
kool story i take it tenchi and kushina will end up together? and have you decided a pairing for naruto?
8/20/2010 c4 EmbersoftheNightChild
nice job it will be interesting to see ino's and sakura's reaction
8/20/2010 c4 Dakars revolution
Sup, really like this story. Hope naruto becomes a badass soon.. But like will naruto have girl troubles(like atlest slight hesitation in his action with him since the whole sex slave thing).. Anyway uptade soon
8/19/2010 c4 6notgonnasay09
The part with the Hyuga does make me wonder just how they will play into this, but other than that, it was a decent chapter.
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