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8/19/2010 c4 fanficreader71
Great chapter, I will be looking foward to your next update
4/26/2010 c3 2Gin of the wicked smile
great story, i look forward to seeing more of it.
4/18/2010 c3 EmbersoftheNightChild
keep up the good work!
4/18/2010 c3 19dracohalo117
YAY...awesome update!
4/17/2010 c3 LordRahl80
I'm glad Naruto has his mother back makes me feel much better looking forward to the next chapter.
4/10/2010 c2 fanofmany
nice story wonder if tsu, jir and kushina will find out about naruto.
4/9/2010 c2 6notgonnasay09
Well, this is...um, intriguing. I'm not gonna lie, the lady that's keeping him captive must have a furry fetish or something. That aside, this is relatively original, as far as I have seen, so I will at least stick around a while to see where you take this.
4/9/2010 c2 21Dick Rash
honestly i hate your shit it sucks...Naw i'm just playing this is a really good story and i felt my self drawn to it and mostly...good job keep it up.
4/9/2010 c1 13actionliker
is it wrong that im aroused by the end of the chapter? lol update soon
4/8/2010 c1 MugetsuIchigo
hmm...overall, this chapter is ok...can u make the next chapter longer? plz update soon! XD
4/8/2010 c1 afallenheart
Please update as soon as possible! PLEASE!
4/8/2010 c1 19dracohalo117
O_O WOW, not bad for a first chapter, or a first story.

I am certainly glad you took up my challenge (thumbs up with big grin) awesome job my fellow author!
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