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6/9 c52 1laura lou who
This story is intense. I had to walk away from it at times because im so empathic and just take on the emotions of stories. I cant imagine anyone feeling as Edward did. How aweful it must be. But i know its real. My heart goes out to anyone like that. Ive had clinical depression and the urge to anything, even going to work was so difficult to manage at times and i slept a lot.
Thank you for writing this story. This had to be a huge labor of love to write these intense feelings.
1/24 c52 Moltz
Closure…yet a lingering sense that he will always be working to maintain his stability.

Well done.
Thank you for delving deep into the topic of life altering alcoholism.
It was painful to read parts of this story.
The advantage is this is fiction and a happy ending can be achieved with a few choice words.
Thanks again for sharing your story.
1/24 c51 Moltz
He’s wading through the memories with a bit of nostalgia without the cringe worthy demeaning self hatred that used to follow.
I’m happy he told Bella he was sorry for the loss of her baby boy. It helped him place a different kind of heavy heart in his thoughts. One the allowed him to accept her acknowledgement of his loss as well.
They are rebuilding their lives one shaky step at a time.
1/24 c50 Moltz
He’s set achievable goals. Now the effort needs to be put in to gain his life back.
1/23 c49 Moltz
Good Song!
Is Edward asking the right questions of Mr. Chaney.
1/23 c48 Moltz
Finally Carlisle apologized to Edward over the impact his powerful and painful words had on his son’s life.
Edward recognizes the similarities between his actions towards Bella and what he experienced with his father.
Time will be the deciding factor in his future.
1/23 c47 Moltz
Carlisle’s words of encouragement and reversal of the negative impact he had on Edward have opened up a channel of conversation. This also gave Edward a sense of purpose in pushing forward his chance to begin healing.
1/23 c46 Moltz
Reliving the worst night of his life over again with the object of his affection being the one to suffer could be his final undoing.
Carlisle had better come to his aid.
1/23 c45 Moltz
Emmett reaching out may be the life line Edward has needed from the family he thinks he destroyed.
1/23 c44 Moltz
Third time’s a charm?
I thought his liquor cabinet was empty. When did he restock it?
Who does he call?
1/23 c43 Moltz
That right there might be the bottom for Edward.
Yay for Bella putting her own health first for a change.
I thought the ride was bumpy before, it’s going to be even worse now.
1/23 c42 Moltz
Where is the bottom for Edward?
Bella needs to let him go.
He will only continue to drag out this cyclic self destructive behavior.
She can’t will him to get better.
1/23 c41 Moltz
Anger had been replaced by despair.
He’s almost resigned to the fact he needs a new set of coping strategies.
1/23 c40 Moltz
Whatever was in that room was exactly what he needed.
He’s finally processing good memories of Marie, but they are always tagged with Carlisle setting heavy expectations on him for her care. That was never his responsibility to take on ever.
His anxiety is founded in his father’s unrealistic duties as the oldest sibling.
I wonder how Bella is truly feeling about being surrounded by a baby and all its attention?
1/22 c39 Moltz
Bella sees through Edward's lies, why does she feel the need to ask him in the first place?
Edward has turned grief into self loathing. Evenhis brain has stopped listening to his rants.
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