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for An Angry Man

9/6 c52 CynMar Rom
Good lord. What a rollercoaster.
I've said this before, but your words make me feel, deeply. And this was deeply, deeply felt.
I have to admit I found some of his actions funny, because the mental gymnastics to not accept how he feels were...convoluted, i think that word may work.
As a psych mayor and a predisposed person my self, some of these themes hit home, a lot. But it was such a beautiful read. Oh, to be on Bella's mind in some of the scenes where Edward doesn't have all the details, lol.
Thanks for sharing!
8/23 c52 Guest
Brilliant yet heartbreaking story that had me
In tears! Now I’m so sad that it’s over!
7/7 c15 Janina14
Bella‘s such a sensitive soul. Poor Edward, overwhelmed with all these supressed feelings.
5/18 c52 2Serpent Rose
I sobbed through this entire fic
4/16 c1 aki93
Damn... this is one heavy chapter
3/23 c52 12topaz addiction
This was incredible. I lost count of the number of times I cried. Amazing writing and amazing story. You did the subject matter justice.
3/21 c52 2Clumsy Bedo
Holy... I loved this story. (you're writing is really something else) but I'm sitting here sobbing and halfway through I realized something that I had told my therapist back when I was in therapy: I can read, I can think, I can spiral myself into a depressive episode by listening to music. I thought I had been in a pretty good head space when I started but damn. While I have to do some mental work now from having been in Edward's head and having known so many of his thoughts and feelings because I had them at one point myself, I also appreciate how well written and portrayed his depression is. That letter at the end, yeah I'm a sobbing mess. I wanted to skip it because I hate crying but strangely enough it also helps me. Strange how minds and mental health work.
So yeah, thank you for another great story. I have one song stuck in my head, that I'm glad I didn't listen to the whole time because that would have spiraled me probably worse, it is Freefall by Rainbow Kitten Surprise.
Anyway, time to get some fresh air and another story. Maybe I reread Operation: Breaking the Dawn because frankly that made me feel strong or one of the more fun stories you have to pick me up of that floor haha damn...
3/20 c52 roxiegirl
Well I’m wiping tears right now. What a fantastic story. From the bad times to the good. I really didn’t want it to end. I actually would like the see a little more of E and B. Just saying. ;) thank you for writing this very touching and difficult story. Well done.
3/9 c38 7Marliarna
There's no way Edward can stay sober for long on his own if his underlying issues aren't addressed. He clearly suffers from PTSD, among other things-how could he not?

also worried that he's switching addictionsalcohol for Bella

I've been on the antidepressant merry-go-round . myself. One of them-not sure if it was Effexor or Lexaprogave me nightmareslike screaming in my sleep loud enough to wake my SO nightmares!
3/2 c1 1grinslikeadevil
I think I’ve reread OBTD for 5 times now so maybe it’s time to reread this story as I wait for Ch2 of OLTF. Lol. I’ve read this story once before and had no idea you wrote it! Imagine my ‘not-so-surprised’ face when I saw your name on Author. My thoughts went from “what?” to ”OF COURSE IT WAS HER WHO WROTE THIS MASTERPIECE”
2/3 c52 Kelkat
I can’t believe I have just now found this story! It’s one of the best stories I’ve read. So very moving that I cried during several parts. Absolutely brilliant writing.
1/25 c52 1DarkAngelz99
I know its been a long time since this story has been posted but I just finished it and it was amazing. It was heart wrenching and so emotional and real. This story was so well written and it truly is something special. Thank you for sharing this story 3
1/21 c52 anyagal
Thank you for this story. Hard stuff but real, something that happens every day to people around us. Everyone knows someone who is depressed, who is an alcoholic, who attempted to take his own life. Edward was really lucky to have so many caring people around him, even though he thought otherwise. I guess the main takeaway for me is that there is hope, always, but it will most probably require help from people around you to start looking for solutions and getting better. Especially if there's a case of clinical depression, a depressed person can't just 'make an effort' and get better. I love that this wasn't a 'love cures all' type of story. Fantastic writing, of course, as always, I love the music of your speech. Also, I am going to find these songs, I don't know all of them. Again, thank you.
1/19 c17 anyagal
This was such an emotional chapter... I cried and then I laughed.
1/18 c10 anyagal
This was the best "electricity moment" I've ever read! Love this story!
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