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6/14 c52 dpennell007
Wow. I am AMAZED that you wrote this around the same time you originally posted the hilarious Renfield and Chiclets (which of course I am delighted to see re-posted). Light and funny WIPs I can handle, but most other fics need to be completed before I jump in. (The Cleaner - I am talking to you.) Thankfully, your excellent An Angry Man had a memorable payoff which left me content and satisfied after I had a good cry. xoxo.

Last week I came in contact with a first cousin through FamilySearch who knew my deceased (murdered when I was a sophomore in college) alcoholic father first hand. (I didn't). She said he was a nice guy - when he was sober or sobering he would stay with her family (his sister), and that he had a pretty strong stutter ..when not drinking..he loved the ocean and fishing and crabbing. We are both in our 60's and it's my version of 'it's never too late' life experiences. Best of all - she emailed the only pictures of us together when I was about 3.
5/25 c52 katiej1
Going through and reading your other stories while I waiting for The Cleaner to updateI love when I can read and story and go through a wide range of emotions while doing so. I felt the lowest of lowest and the highest highs right along side your characters and enjoyed every word of it. Having these two broken people piece themselves back together again and then thrive is always a great read. Thank you
5/20 c52 Kath Potter Cullen-H.T
This was so much. I loved it. I laughed and cry. I love complex characters, life is not easy, with ups and downs, and this reflexes that.
Amazing story, of course I would loved to see more of them but it was nice too.
10/10 congratulations on such a great piece !
5/17 c15 Kath Potter Cullen-H.T
Love this bella
5/15 c1 Kath Potter Cullen-H.T
Wow my interest is peaked
3/13 c52 2Dollybigmomma
This story was amazing. The emotional journey through their grief and healing was hard to read but well written. I hope you someday give them a future-take with a bit of happiness and good news for everyone. You indicated that Bella had surgery that sounded like a tubal ligation, not a complete hysterectomy, so they could use donor eggs and Edward's sperm to try for a baby (or few) of their own through in vitro. Maybe same for Rose. Would be lovely to read. :)
3/11 c25 princeselisa
3/9 c20 princeselisa
I felt bad for Jenks.
Loved the kiss, and how Bella put him in his place.
Sad for her regarding her baby
3/8 c18 princeselisa
3/7 c15 princeselisa
2/15 c52 8Silver Silence 89
I rarely review unless I’m utterly compelled to. And this is definitely one of them. This is so beautifully written and even though I had to take mental breaks on some of the harder parts, I always can back. And the ending was so beautiful I was on the verge of tears. This was worth every minute that I poured into reading it. Thank you for writing such a beautiful piece.

2/5 c47 it's simply me n you
The 1st step is the hardest. He’s finally asking for help. Way to go Edward
1/9 c12 Guest
I feel so bad for Edward.
1/9 c11 Guest
Things are slowly progressing between E & B…
1/8 c9 Guest
Bella’s ex-James… her whole countenance changed, and she covers up her arms. It makes me wonder if James was abusive and that is the reason or part of the reason she chose to live in that house.

Edward hasn’t realized yet, the monster called jealousy keeps showing up when Jacob is around… he just hasn’t realized it yet.
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