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for An Angry Man

1/9/2017 c30 Guest
12/25/2016 c24 tifn79901
I have to say this story is amazing and your music taste is freaking aweome!
11/24/2016 c46 1insomniacinsanity
Ugh, and the tears have started...
11/24/2016 c43 insomniacinsanity
Help me God, if I start crying in this library...
10/21/2016 c52 Mayuri love cullens
Great writing :)
8/24/2016 c47 Guest
last part of the chapter made cry I feel for both Edward & Bella grief can force you down so deep that u have a hard time keeping ur head above the water I have been there six times in my life ty for writing this it is important that ppl see how grief effects ppl I came close to suicide once but, my friend was able to talk to me & make me see that my death would hurt many ppl I care about
7/24/2016 c52 ai se eu te pego
Oh my god. Sooo goood
6/8/2016 c52 Kksmum
Well me and my box of tissues made it to the end. Such great writing. I cannot help but wonder what you have experienced in life to enable you to compose such a grief laden Edward and Bella. I hope you are well, and I thank you.
6/8/2016 c47 Kksmum
My box of tissues is almost empty. How much more can I take of all this emotion you so expertly lay out with your words? The angst is unbearable.
6/7/2016 c33 Kksmum
Heartwrenching writing.
6/5/2016 c52 Mom23xx
I absolutely loved this story!
5/11/2016 c1 Atwiggs
I already read this. I remember what gapped to Alice and how Edward becomes an alcoholic. This was an amazing fic! Not sure if I'll read it again.
4/30/2016 c52 SLKerouac
Oh what a story. Depressed and angry Edward drinking himself to numbness for things that was really out of his control. Bella moving back to her father's house was the beginning for Bella to learn to live on her own. For Edward to find that there was someone out there that knew how he felt. That had gone threw events in their life that changed them too. This relationship went from Edward not wanting Bella in his rental house to Edward not wanting to live his life with out Bella. It took time and heart ache for Edward to know that he needed to change his life. That he wanted to do that for Bella to keep her in his life but also that he needed to do it for himself. He found a therapist that he could really talk to and that would help him work threw all of this problems. At the end it was the letter to Maria that he really was able to really start his journey to live and be happy. Thanks for writing this story!
4/17/2016 c52 Guest
4/12/2016 c12 Bevey99
Powerful story, written so well. And...exceptional music taste . [It's as if you scrolled through my music.]
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