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for An Angry Man

7/3/2015 c34 1divyvicki
Seems like Edward needs to find an AA meeting.
6/27/2015 c33 divyvicki
That was such a sad chapter. Great job writing such a difficult event.
6/26/2015 c32 divyvicki
Great chapter. I love that Bella defended Edward to Carlisle.
6/26/2015 c31 divyvicki
So glad Bella was there for him.
6/21/2015 c30 divyvicki
I like the way u ended that chapter.
6/21/2015 c29 divyvicki
I must admit that I found this chapter a little confusing.
6/18/2015 c6 Judyblue95
I'm mesmerized with and enamored of this story. This is one helluva surly Edward, albeit with reason. Can't wait to hear Bella's story!
6/18/2015 c2 Judyblue95
I see this is the first of your stories I have ever read. I wonder how that happened as I have been reading fan fic now for almost 5 years...I love how you write. This Edward will indeed take some work...
6/18/2015 c1 Judyblue95
I have heard about this story for years but never read it. I am now taking the time to do so. The first chapter was excellent! I may not comment every chapter, as I do when I read a WIP, but will try to let you know when something really moves me...if you still read reviews...
6/14/2015 c48 sweetncole22
this chapter killed me. stories hardly ever make me cry but this chapter did!
6/13/2015 c28 divyvicki
So maybe Edward is becoming human again?
6/13/2015 c27 divyvicki
Somehow I knew Jasper would be making an appearance.
6/13/2015 c26 divyvicki
I loved this. About time these two realized how perfect they are for each other.
6/13/2015 c38 sweetncole22
I've been creeping my way through this story for months. .. mostly because I can only take so much of the "heavy". But after reading chapter 38, I thought to myself "I'm really enjoying this story". I wanted to take the fine to tell you that. Thank you for taking the time to share this story with us. You did a great job!
6/11/2015 c21 Robfan06
I have not cried this hard in a while reading a story, this one just broke my heart. I wanted them to find their well deserved happy place. Thank you sharing their journey.
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