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for Suburban Suicide

6/11/2010 c11 Chienne de guerre
Seriously, I like your style, and your story. But Ashley seems like a worthless whore to me, the kind of shitty girl you just wanna choke to death...

Can you do a retcon and swap the girl and Cody?
6/3/2010 c11 9Liz811
Really? First Cody and now Ted? *llora*

Randy/Ashley ah ah, don't like it xD

5/14/2010 c10 FaberrittanaIsEndgame
i didnt like this chapter very much.I LOVED IT! and i love this story keep doing a great job hope you update again soon.
5/8/2010 c9 Liz811
I can't believe you two have killed Cody! *cry*

Poor Randy! I wish I could comfort him
5/5/2010 c9 67LegacyChick
*Huffs* great... you killed my Codes... why him? Why not someone I don't care about?

j/k... excellent twist there :)
5/2/2010 c8 LegacyChick
It's really awesome how you describe the connection between the guys, especially between Randy and Cody, how Cody always manages to calm him and Randy's so proud of his boy :)

Poor Teddy... never getting any :P Seriously... how can Ashley choose everyone else over him? B*
4/30/2010 c7 his goodluck charm
love the story
4/23/2010 c5 LegacyChick
Really liking the story so far. It's something different to say the least. I like how you describe Randys and Codys relationship as well as how you portray Evan. I'm intrigued on how this will turn out.
4/17/2010 c3 Gary numan
dude, this is very interesting indeed. i like how you've portrayed randy, i really like him, especially his obvious love for cody, keeping his little notes despite being a hard hearted possible murderer lol. really intrigued to see where you take it next, more soon?
4/10/2010 c1 3Satryicon
This is a great story you have here! Really looking forward to reading more :) I love the way you've portrayed Randy & Evan. You don't get many stories with Evan being quite so dominant, it's very interesting.

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