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11/7/2017 c1 13PineNutPesto
I love that stunt with the glass. And I've been looking for it for so long. You write so many stories, I couldn't find this little scenario, and it never occurred to me that it might be embedded in another story. XD

Thanks for everything, K Hanna!
7/5/2016 c1 Lucy
Loved reading it! Perfectly written!
1/24/2015 c1 26Fi Suki Saki
This is Really Great !

From the start till the end !

I absolutely love knowing what they thought.

Love when Sam (and Cas) doing to the rescue. And then the last scene in the night.

How it from Sam's POV, and he kind of finally understand what Dean trying to do.

Etc, and all.

Absolutely Lovely Awesome !
12/8/2014 c1 7NoilyPrat
I like the way that the shifter could get into the skin of Sam, rubbing Dean's nose with it. It tried with Dean's skin, but Sam's too smart. :D Like that.
Impressed with Dean's plan - wow, what a plan, and ow, bet it hurt.
Also impressed with Cas' tactical plan. Liked the fact Sam heard what he did, what Dean said. Perfect. Also liked how Sam handled the hunt, even when the shifter didn't drop. :D
4/20/2013 c1 187sapphireswimming
Well. I guess you have to actually deal with the problems between you when they're staring you in the face. Or you're staring yourself in the face. Nice for the shapeshifter to play devil's advocate and make Dean sort out his own opinions about what he and Sam had been doing and relating lately.

Agggggg, the way Dean sent out that homing signal, though. Eek. Not so good. I can't imagine doing that to yourself. But at least it got the job done and lead Cas straight to him. Which, in turn, brought Sam there and to the rescue.

The way they were able to sort everything out at the end was really nice.
4/7/2013 c1 3shookenuppepsi
I love that when you heal their brotherly rifts, you don't just skim over it. Their problems still cause scars. But their bond is strong enough that they can work through it, can take pleasure from simple things like relaxing and watching late night TV.
5/3/2010 c1 1hpsupernaturalfan
Good story. I really enjoyed it.
4/27/2010 c1 15Liafrombrazil
Once again it's hard to explain how much a story can bring up feelings and thoughts. Impactant story. Dean's sacrificed all for Sam, for his family, so it makes sense that he started to scratching the sigil off his ribs. This was a strong scene, very well done, but the echos that crossed his mind really caught my attention. He was under indescribable pain, but the most important thing was his urgence to get his brother back. Actually, he wasn't in indescribable pain. You described it very very well. His pain in Hell, that's the one you say can't be described, but when you pointed that Dean doesn't say that pain sucked big time, instead of he says it hurt like Hell, we just get it. I really liked the comparison and that Dean kept trying to figure out his brother's emotions and his own feelings.
I've read it when your first posted it and I'm reading it again now. That mention to the amulet was heart breaking, but helped to fixed things out. Both of them are not the same anymore, Sam's an adult and Dean has to face it. I love he tried to act less like a boss and more like a brother and a partner. I love both are trying to show their love each other in the end.
For an angsty piece, it's filled with funny references, thank you, and hopeful insights. Loved it.
4/24/2010 c1 20Rosetta Brunestud
I love that stories full of angst and brotherly love on then ^^

They are cute =D And Dean is completely insane, but everyone already know that xD

Well, I liked it ^~

See ya around o/

4/20/2010 c1 16amyblair
A while back you wrote a story called, "I'd Leave for You". My all time KH Korossy story... this one is a close, close second.

There is something in the way that you write this story that is different than many of the others. I don't know if it's a looseness in this or if it's the tone of everything, but it's like you switched from playing the piano to playing the bass.

And you're really good at the bass.

The story started off with a bang, but started really jumping at me around "Maybe your deal didn't end the world, Dean, but it ended mine."

'... following Dad and Dean and Ruby had lead to disaster. But he knew what Dean would've heard: I might leave again.' Loved this! Such a trust issue still wedged between the brothers - yet they love each other, their forced to trust with their bodies, but not always with their heart.

When you write the paragraph describing Dean rubbing the sigil off his rib - the filthy, blunt iron shackle, no anesthetic - ugh! That whole part! I actually wrote "Oh, Gross!" next to it! It literally made my ribs (and fingers) hurt. Awesomeness!

The you come out swinging with Dean and ShapeSam in heated conversation. I totally dug the whole "You think Sam's just gonna give in because he's on his own?... You don't know jack about my brother. He's strong..." It broke my heart. It breaks my heart because - YES! I think Dean would have said this back during the Paris Hilton episode. But I don't think he would have believed it and now, the point we are all now, I don't know what he'd say. If he'd lie. These words just brought up so much of what's going on now. It was great and hard to read.

'The faith in his brother's words, though, gave Sam a moment of doubt that he'd gotten it right.' - Aww. Just, aww. Again, this is something that is still ringing true. Sam holding on to faith because it's all he's got not to become Lucifer's vessel. That and Dean. And it's nice to hear that the person on your right has a little faith in you.

'Yup, still an angel by his side...' HA! I laughed out loud!

And then, again, you come out and Cas is punching out words to Dean: "You fulfilled your portion of the devil's bargain... you will be judged only on the basis of which side you have given your soul to since then..." And the relief, the realization that he is kinda free from that fire. It made it easier for me to breathe when I read that.

Even when you have the Impala enter: 'His baby's purr approached from the right... tracked it with his eyes closed...' This was again just picture perfect. I heard the rumble of the Chevy, I saw it turning the corner, Sam's palm easing the wheel around... just perfect!

The small clumsy hug was needed and I was thrilled to see it.

Another thing I want to point out that I really enjoyed about this was your use of one-liners throughout - a sampling:

The fact was, he was reluctant to go back to Dean.

Was it possible they could still help fix each other?

Because it was showtime.

But Dean couldn't hear him any longer.

He held out his hand to shake.

And, possibly my fave - And Sam still felt like the weaker one, small and broken, as he had so often those last few weeks.

All these little one-liners punch with such impact. I just loved it. The entire story transported me. It was a great ride, I am so happy you thought of it and wrote it. It's stories like these that really speak to people that make them feel like they were written just for them.

So I'm claiming this one. Fantastic job. Thank for writing it!
4/14/2010 c1 53supernaturalbuffy
Okay, you made me cringe when Dean was scraping at his rib. It still makes me squirm even now. Very interesting story. There are so many underlying issues that you see in the show but may not think about. Very cool. I also liked the intereaction between Cas and Sam. You don't see too much of that in the show. Always a pleasure.
4/13/2010 c1 13charis-kalos
This was wonderful, and your portrayal of the emotions behind Sam and Dean's conversations in "Fallen Idols" makes a lot of sense. I really enjoyed it - even if the description of Dean's self-surgery made me feel ill!
4/13/2010 c1 24Madebyme
This was a thoroughly entertaining read in every aspect. And I was overjoyed to see a chunky and lengthy story that I could sink my teeth into!

You touched on so much here, really delving into many of the themes this season. The possessed shape-shifter was such a great idea, allowing the boys to see things through each others eyes and have those much despised conversations without technically having them with each other.

What I always admire about your writing is how balanced and unbiased you are. The POV's from each brother were honest and sometimes hard to hear but it's always fair, pointing out blame where it's due and not a speck of favouritism in sight. I really appreciate that.

There were so many little things that you touched on here that I adored. Sam being unable "to explain that he was scared of falling into the old traps of resentment and dulled judgement if he returned to the role of follower...of how scared he was of having someone else call the shots for him," this was a wonderful insight helping to explain Sam's mind set. And awesomely gruesome scene with Dean carving off the sigils from his ribs – as gross as it was, it was very in character for Dean and I can see him doing this!

This story was full of highlights for me, but the ending really brought it all together. Things are hard and they've through so much but they're together and for now that's all that matters. Until next time, take care, Abbi
4/12/2010 c1 ziggy.uk
A really well thought out and insightful fic, getting totally inside the Winchesters heads and showing how their relationship has been this season. Really believable too, seeing as how they have been with each other, still tentative and a little unsure but moving in the right direction. Wish Kripke would do something like this as hated the ending to 99 Problems as it didn't sit well with me.
4/11/2010 c1 pandora jazz
I enjoyed reading your story.

Thanks for sharing it with us.
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