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4/11/2010 c1 BehindEverySmile
so sad! She didnt see her son in 10 yrs. poor her. i'm crying. alot. as usual!
4/11/2010 c1 C
Okey, this story was really, really, really sad. But unfortunatly I loved it. So much emotions, good work. Keep going! I am a proud reader;)
4/11/2010 c1 3kiiwiikraze
You're right, I hated that.

I'm a mess of tears right now.

I can't even blame Alex, because Embry neglected her.

But then again, all her 'she doesn't deserve their love' kind of pissed me off as well, so I'm kind of neutral.

I was basically hyperventilating until I read the AN. I thought this was a look into the future. It was terrible, the feeling of them becoming like that.

Something I have to question... is why Aaron didn't try to talk to Alex, or even ask why she was crying. That was weird, seeing as how her lip was bleeding and she was a mess on the floor. He probably should of had a more emotional reaction to that. But you were angry, so it's understandable that that might have slipped your mind. Or maybe it was on purpose, and Aaron didn't give a crap about his mom. Dunno. :P

In a way, it was an okay look into what could happen (and won't... right? Promise me it won't or I'll have to stop reading Unsuspecting) between them. The Rory-Alex hook up was kind of nice, showing how even though he didn't imprint on her, he still loved her. I like that part, because it wasn't depressing.

I was expecting her to just wake up from a dream, surrounded by 3+ kids and Embry smiling at her. I thought wrong, which is probably why I cried so much. Oh my.

Overall, it was written well and the plot, while having some parts that didn't make sense, it was good. Sad and heart wrenching, but good.

I still hate it though. :P
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