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10/13/2011 c1 Iron Infidel
Wow. Really good! ( :
11/3/2010 c1 2oceantreefurysun
hehe, i like how you labeled James as a distraction :] did i spell labeled right? im always forgetting these things..
10/14/2010 c1 ginny evans
sup...u kno screw it is gone rite?
9/2/2010 c1 Guest
i just wanted to read fluffy fun james/lily, and this was it!
6/17/2010 c1 Guest
loved it. perfect one-shot. would have been interesting 2 c wat happened next though :P
5/3/2010 c1 2Vindeen
Entertaining =) Love the word play you did with 'distraction' in the beginning of the chapter and the 'Do impulsive things with as much noise as possible!' comment. Definitely James Potter.
4/21/2010 c1 bleepyoucantfindmebloopblurp
aw! That is cute! (:

4/17/2010 c1 lol
hey gab, i saw a jamba juice add on ur profdile.did u put it there.sry that its just me and im not reviewing ur story!
4/16/2010 c1 me
btw-One word that would best describe you?you said ask someone who knows you, and guess what,i do!so (i think unique is the best word cuz ur a bookworm and not everyone loves reading(i know,shocking!)and you luv cali which(no offense) is kinda od for an MA gal, and lastly ur a much better writer than ALOT of people i know!

on another note, math was fun and than just as (person)was about to say the things about us the bell rang!it was funny though cuz of wat the first person said and then someone asked-can we have confessions an next thing we know we are sharing our life stories.math class was fun but English!ugh cophopropisop!omg i (and still am) kinda freaked out!okay, by now u should know who i am but just in case...i lopovope gopalope!adios!
4/12/2010 c1 Guest
hey citrus,... here!I 3 Gale!u beter know who i am!jk its me!love the story but the authors note makes NO sense.but then again you are gaby so who knows!its good but it has just 1 glitch, u forgot a disclaimer.id put one in as to not get sued!

Great job,


like who else!
4/11/2010 c1 00000bye00
It's like...she likes him without even realizing it :)

ah, love..I like the banter between the two..quips flying between them, lol, that's romance! :)
4/11/2010 c1 9miss.no.limits111
good writing! :)

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