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10/27/2021 c11 Guest
I very much enjoyed reading your story. Thank you for writing and sharing it!
12/12/2020 c11 FranQuel
Está é uma história adorável!
8/30/2020 c11 Guest
Please make more gadge fics. Like after the war fics
6/20/2020 c1 1girlonfire5360
I love Madge and Gale! ️
4/11/2020 c11 Guest
I just read this year from my first read. I just cried again. Soooo good. I got pretty mad at Gale, but then I forgave him...just like Madge. And...the toast at the end...awesome.
8/10/2019 c11 Guest
I just read this now. I can’t believe you have updated this story. It is still amazing! I miss Gadge.
Great Ending
7/31/2019 c11 Inactivo-Abandonada
I use a translator.
Thank you for giving the story a happy ending.
They went through many things, both, and deserved to have a more solid and intimate relationship.
I enjoyed reading it so much that I wish you could write more about Madge x Gale.
I wish Madge would have had some relationship with Gale during the books, it would have been wonderful, but for that this fanfiction
4/22/2019 c11 Andi
Yes! I love Gadge stories. They are my favorite.
4/13/2019 c11 Guest
Oh,my...this story...and especially this chapter was amazing! I've read tons and tons of THG fan fiction, but I think this is only the second time I ever cried. The toast just got beautiful. Well done!
1/17/2019 c11 Guest
I loved your story! Devoured it in less than two hours and I’m craving domestic!Gadge now that the war’s over. Thanks for such a wonderful story 3
1/10/2019 c9 13Aria34
If you go through and make any edits, I'd suggest that you write whose perspective each section is written from! It gets a little confusing when you switch POV so frequently.

Other than that, I love the way you've written madge.
11/3/2018 c8 7Lady of Sign
I’m a sap for sweet romance. So this is by far my favorite chapter!
10/2/2018 c11 Guest
That was last lovely! I will always read good Gadge. Thank you!
9/26/2018 c11 2magdalenehawthorne
YES people still read Gadge! This was so so good. It was wonderful to see other fans rediscover this fic and find it for the first time myself. Thank you, and keep on writing!
9/16/2018 c11 Guest
Yes we still read this stuff! Would love to read that one shot :) Thanks for coming back and completing this one!
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