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for Starving To Be Perfect

12/3/2017 c4 SBWomenofMarvel
omg this was so so so SO very well written it was beautiful... heartbreaking and sad but it really was written well
7/31/2014 c4 Guest
Well that's depressing
11/24/2011 c4 2shadowedinsugar
The way you wrote this, so completely succinct, made it sadder. The facts, laid bare. And they're bloody hard to read, thank you.
7/10/2011 c4 2purpleishpanda
omg! this is so depressing! :[ :[ :[ it was a really good story, though. even if it was extremely sad.
5/4/2011 c4 48CountessCora
This is very sad, but it's a relevant issue that, IMO, *should* be written about far more often than it actually is. Kudos to you for being brave to tell a story like this one. I respect your writing a lot.
4/27/2010 c4 Juni
So sad ! I think you did a great job with the various emotions you wanted us to feel throughout the story. I wasn't convinced at the beginning but I kept reading and I'm glad I did.
4/27/2010 c4 102alygator86
I like the message you're sending with this. I don't know much about anorexia but this was really well written and a good warning/informative piece.
4/27/2010 c4 silvermist92
really good, bud sad story
4/27/2010 c4 65LadyJosephine24
this was really really sad. But I have to say this was still the best chapter of them all, eventhough it was very sad. It was very well written, and it was great you included the part of how it had been a struggle for Meredith everyday, because it really is, and how it had been about control because that is the real truth, it is about control over you own life, and your weight is easier to control than your emotions and life around you. So this chapter was really great, and the whole story was a good idea.

4/25/2010 c3 scruffypuppy
she died? please update soon...
4/23/2010 c3 Juni
"That was the last time Derek would see Meredith alive." WHAT ? OMG, I knew it was bad but I hadn't expected to read this. I'm speechless ! How is Derek going to cope with this ?
4/23/2010 c3 LadyJosephine24
this really is a tragic story. I find it very interesting theme you have brought up, and I also don't find it that unlikly that a person like Meredith could have been deeling with either Anorexia or bulimia, when she was younger, and I really know what I'm talking about there.

My advice eventhough I actually like this story, as it is, would be to write more about Merediths own thoughts, because even though you have written the only thing Mere is thinking about is food, many (alot) of woman who is dealing with Anorexia, is yes primly thinking about food, but they a also filled up with mix emotions, and thoughts. Now I don't know if you have any personal expirince with whese subjectes, but I have, and I have talked with other girls who have also deelt with this illness, and the mixed emotions about everything is a hugh part of a eating disorder expecially anorexia. So if you decide not to kill Mere of, but write about how she decides to fight, my advice would be to write more of her own thoughts.

any interesting story.

4/23/2010 c3 br097am

dont worry tho. its a really great story! keep wiriting! 8D
4/20/2010 c2 GreysMcLife
You gotta update like now!

This story is the best and I love your writing!

I'm waiting for another chappi impatiently:)
4/19/2010 c2 7MerDer McAddict

This made me cry reading it, picturing Meredith like that, and Derek feeling so helpless. :[

But- I can't wait to read more, lol

Have you read any of my stories? You might like them.

Have a good day!


aka MerDer McAddict
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