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for The World's Greatest Thief

10/16/2016 c1 3KPfan83
now that is a beautiful story
4/3/2011 c1 1keepitinajar
really well written, love it (:

just what I like to believe is going on ;P
11/8/2010 c1 1InfiniteMystery
aw~ cute story :3
8/16/2010 c1 abellum
wow i loved it :D
6/18/2010 c1 Sword of Damocles
Good story. Sweet ending :3
5/17/2010 c1 4Citrus Fever
Aw! I love it!
4/19/2010 c1 Kigo
Perfect oneshot!

Make more of these!
4/17/2010 c1 Daryl
great story. such a sweet ending
4/15/2010 c1 303Major Mike Powell III
Well, well, soldier...

This was N-I-CE!

Ah, the troubles of keepin' an image. LOL

But it makes the game even more fun. ;D

Indeed, they're even, thanks to a kiss. :DD

N-I-CE work, marine!

Semper-Fi! Carry on!
4/14/2010 c1 24Kiros Razer
This was written very well!

I liked it.^^
4/14/2010 c1 1longnite
This I like...very much! Well done!;)
4/14/2010 c1 3Madhatterak
Simple, exotic, and well written. The imagery is outstanding.

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