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7/11/2010 c7 HAjfksdhfkjhsd
*swoops in with a giant SEB on chest wearing spandex uniform* SUPER SEB HERE TO SAVE THE DAY! DON'T WORRY ARTHUR, I'LL MAKE SURE YOU'RE FED!

Even if, y'know, I think really it's best you starve instead of eating your own (horrible) food. BUT HEROINES AREN'T PICKY ABOUT WHO THEY SAVE!

My daily deed is completed :)

EPIC CHAPTER! SO FLUFFY! I ruvs it :D If I made a list of all the things I loved about it this review would be like... a book long... lol, so I'm not gonna. JUST KNOW THAT EVERYTHING IS EPIC.


A pairing~ Hmm... There are so many OTL's to pick from! Almost all of them having to do with Matthew. Poor moe XD

I'm on a Franada (Canada/France) binge right now though. May I pleaaseeee have them as my pairing?~
7/11/2010 c3 2Distressed fan
Drinking maple syrup straight from the bottle..? Dude that's hardcore D:
7/11/2010 c2 Distressed fan
Haha that's pretty cute xD
7/11/2010 c7 1dark-Yuuki-sama
Lolz Prussia's probably talking to either Belarus, cause we all know she would do anything for info on her beloved older brother, Ukraine, cause she probably has a crush on Canada and is gonna want to know what her precious little brother is up to, or someone like China or Cuba cause of who is involved.

OMG That scene with Canada and Russia was sooooo CUTE I LUV'D IT!

I soooo cannot wait for the next chapter!
7/11/2010 c7 Roxasheart654
DB Omg...I think I might know who Prussia is talking to...But for Matthew's sake please let it not be Belarus!

w THE SUSPENSE! I can't wait til the update~
7/11/2010 c7 6chrono-contract
lol "Arthur doesn't get his, er, …um….scones?" and that would be bad? XD

epic chapter! they r SO CUTE!XDXDXDXDXD

and, yes! my pen name is from chrono crusade! ^^ you're the first to notice...EVER! thanx! :D
7/6/2010 c6 2darkduchess1
*squeeeeee* soooo adorable! i love this story sooooo much :) i really love what Ivan said to Mattie :) i really can't wait till the next chapter :)

6/30/2010 c6 2kind-of-heart
'twaitformoreand- *collapses on floor from fangirl-overload* :DDDD Anyway, I love how at the end of each chapter you make it that a nation won't get a certain food! It's really funny! The story is great and pretty darn realistic! It's just making me laugh the whole time! Another thing I like is the use of the different languages. I can kind of understand the French since I've been taking it for four years now, but since Russian is just like, "...I imagine that would sound cool, yet I can't even pronounce it! :D". So seeing what it means at the bottom is very interesting and squee inducing!

Now... about that drabble! Since this is the ~*100th*~ review, how about we do something special? Say, a small Russia x America with a prompt of "When the World Found Out!", where they told everyone at the world meeting! I would love to see peoples reactions! Well this is kind-of-heart signing out, 'cause the review thing is acting really weird! It's like going to where I type while I'm typing it, but going back up afterwards. Bye~
6/27/2010 c6 6LenFanGirlXD
GAHH! I LOVE THIS PLEAASE UPDATE! oh yea u have to give America his big macs and freedom fries! D:
6/25/2010 c6 3Ellia-chan
awwwwww! I love this! There isn't enough of this pairing!

Now give Alfy his freedom fries before he starts crying!

6/23/2010 c6 6HappeDaez
X3 Very awesome. Ivan is so good to him. :D
6/22/2010 c6 shirosaki-hollowking
*sigh* i wish more guys would be as sweet as ivan xD update soon
6/20/2010 c6 kittyhumaniod
oh-noes! America without a Big-Mac! D8
6/20/2010 c6 ginzoya russian name
3 delighted fangirl sqee! i absoulutly love it! canadaxrussia is my newest fav. pairing.
6/20/2010 c6 10fan girl 666
very awsome chapter
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