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11/10/2011 c7 2Hiezen
preferably russia/canada but any pairing will suffice...prompt: curl/ahoge
4/5/2011 c7 1rockstar666hailsatan
These are so cute! Do you accept crack pairings? Could you do AustriaxMonaco for me? Prompt: Glasses
4/4/2011 c7 3KnivesAreNummy
Aww Ivan :O

This is cute~ Do more?

NetherlandsxCanada? Prompt - Orange
11/29/2010 c6 OCcreator
i add this and your othe story to my fav list! love it!
11/12/2010 c6 50sakimidare
cuteness overdose^-^
5/3/2010 c5 23awaylaughing
So Russia/Canada - this was short but so sweet, it made me want to hug Ivan, the big lug.

SuFin - was adorable, I like seeing a Finland who is a little more sure of himself and Sweden.

GerIta - Germany you socially awkward blond Adidas you, and Italy, so sweet.

FrUk - all I can say is "aw"

And finally, my prompt, this is pretty much exactly what I had in mind, and I love that Al is jealous even of Kuma. Thank you so much for writing it, it's precious.
4/28/2010 c2 Calcara
That's Finland, not Norway. Tino, I mean.
4/28/2010 c5 2darkduchess1
this is so good i really can not wait for the next chapter!
4/28/2010 c4 7blackash
Oh, I like this one the most so far.

I suppose it would be fun to see Prussia x Hungary x Austria, prompt: Music

and Spain x S Italy, Prompt: Language
4/23/2010 c4 24JustiFaiz
Ahh...I can't decide between AmericaxAustria or AmericaxSouthItaly! Meh...Do AmericaxSouthItaly!
4/15/2010 c3 18Artificial Starlight
Ah, so very short! That sucks. But sometimes, it's the little things that really get to you. The first chapter with Russia with really heartfelt. I loved it even if it was, what, two sentences long? It had a warm, loving quality to it.

Sweden/Finland, I love them! I don't read many stories about them, but I have this one, "The Escape" by Verboten Byacolate. Amazing story, but it's so slow at updating. D:

Anyway, they're so cute together!

Germany/Italy... I laughed, because Italy is always so bold, and Ludwig is so socially challenged. XD

So thanks for the read. Good work and good luck! :)

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