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for A Very Underestimated Emotion

10/6/2023 c16 Guest
Edward, you can't fool anyone. You're not Wolverine, you're Batman!
9/9/2023 c2 Guest
My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I work as an employee for the Kame Yu department stores, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink. I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness. Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone.
3/14/2023 c16 Guest
I literally BAWLED MY EYES OUT! This was so heartbreaking and so good! I loved it and hated it because of the Edward/Bella. But I’m glad you stopped it here because I cannot STAND NESSY- ugh! I can’t even!

Anyways, thanks for the story! Loved it!
9/25/2022 c15 Eloise-chapter15
Bella is an ugly creature. She is disgusting. It is too late for an apology and Bella didn't even give a good apology. Saying 'sorry for hurting you I'll make sure you never see me again' is not an apology. I'm disgusted at Bella trying to get Jacob to not kill himself by offering a kiss and then she doesn't even properly return the kiss at first and is hoping that will convince him? Nah, she's trying to give him a scrap and hopping he'll wag his tail like an obedient dog and return. It feels like it was in another lifetime that Jacob loved Bella and would jump for joy at a kiss from her. Now all that's left is disgust for her. Edward should just let Jacob die. He should have told Jacob to fuck himself a long time ago and not give in to the kisses or anything so Jacob wouldn't get so hurt he'd rather die. Edward shouldn't have had an affair with Jacob if he was set on marrying Bella. I hope Jacob dies and Bella and Edward are consumed with guilt and regret. They meant a lot to Jacob, but both of them were playing with Jacob whether they meant to or not. Neither deserve Jacob. He deserves better. The only ones I'll feel bad for are the wolfpack if Jacob does die. I hope Jacob meets sweet death.
9/25/2022 c14 Eloise-chapter14
Like Paul said Edward should just leave Jacob alone and stay in his vanilla relationship with Bella. I hope Edward thinks non-stop about how there's no passion and love with him and Bella when he kisses her in their wedding and if they have sex in this story. Throughout the chapter my eyes got watery several times like when Jacob's voice cracked and his pleading thoughts of Edward not leaving him with his hateful dialogue like calling Edward a soulless bloodsucker. I wanted to cry for tears to slip, but I wasn't able too because I couldn't relate about loving someone so much and that person leaving me without giving me a proper chance.I can't feel that agony I wasn't able to place myself in that position so tears didn't flow. Jacob's burning with pain and hatred so I hope he doesn't get killed in that fight. Oh man, or maybe I do hope he is near dead and Edward confesses that he does love him and is forcing himself to be with Bella. This story is tragic, but tragic things are more meaningful than stories with "fluff" and happy endings. Thank you for this chapter author.
9/25/2022 c14 Eloise-chapter14
This story is so close to coming to an end. Throughout the whole chapter I was listening to Love The Way you Lie by Skylar Grey /HUye_Vt3Ej8
Ahh, I wanted Bella to feel hurt because because of her Edward and Jacob aren't together. But she didn't deserve this type of hurt where she feels guilty and sorrowful that she caused pain to Jacob when she didn't. I wish she slapped Edward or something (even though that wouldn't have done anything). How can Edward ask that of Jacob? For him to be present in the wedding when he left Jacob wrecked? Jacob now feels like nothing like he's insignificant because of Edward. Truthfully, I don't think the rest of the Cullens would hate Edward or disown him for loving a werewolf. He'd get a pretty negative reaction from Rosalie for getting together with a "dog" at first, but Carlisle and Esme would probably be understanding. Alice would probably be angry at first that he's hurting Bella because he chose Jacob, but in the end understand that he's happiest with Jacob so wouldn't hold it against him. I don't know how Emmett and Japer would feel. I feel like Emmett would joke about him getting with a dog and becoming his master or a bad joke like Leah's joke of Edward "holding a leg" over Jacob. It made me laugh though how she can still have humor even in a bad situation. I love Leah's character. I'm still convinced her and Rosalie are kindred souls and could become good friends.
9/25/2022 c13 Eloise-chapter13
Now the truth is out. All the wolves know how Jacob feels. What will they do? Will they go after Edward to hurt him for the pain he's caused Jacob? Will Seth do or say something to Edward because he's right there? I'm glad the truth is out and hope the wolves provide the emotional support Jacob needs. I hope Paul doesn't just fight Jacob because he knows what it feels like to imprint on someone and love them because he feels that way towards Rachel now. Like Paul said in one of the previous chapters he'll fight and be pissy about something at first, but then he'll let it go and be over it so I hope that's true. My eyes got watery when Jacob let out that pained howl filled with turmoil and the wolf sob. This was an incredible chapter, author. I was listening to these songs Crime by Vax, /tJwsHVqwwwc
because the love between Edward and Jacob is like the perfect crime, Complicated by Alexander Oscar, SVEA
The relationship or not-relationship between Edward and Jacob is complicated, and Fallin' by Why Don't We when Edward started touching Jacob
I look forward to reading the next chapters!
9/25/2022 c13 Eloise-chapter13
As the title suggests it was "Heavenly" , a heavenly read until it wasn't. Jacob didn't figure it out because the charm could be a present given to Bella for whatever, but if Bella had been wearing the ring he would have figured it out. That Bella and Edward are engaged. Edward is a big fuck-up. How cruel of him to share that special moment with Jacob in the tent and lay himself bare by sharing about himself and his thoughts answering all of Jacob's questions. He even told Jacob that he could possibly return the feelings, the love Jacob feels for him someday, just to then break him by saying his best night was when Bella agreed to marry him Jacob is He knew the anguish Jacob would experience hearing that, but Edward still deliberately said "two nights ago" just to then throw a bomb. Jacob deserves someone who can unconditionally love him and is decisive, someone who will choose him and doesn't make him wait around. It's best if he just...tries to get over Edward. Don't fight anymore, Jacob. It's Edward's turn to fight if he wants something between y'all. Edward better realize his colossal fuck-up and chase after Jacob in the woods.
9/24/2022 c12 Eloise-chapter12
This was painful to read. Edward, what are you doing? Why are you setting yourself up for a miserable life with Bella? Bella is horrible like a witch right here. She really isn't thinking of her partner. She really wanted to goad him into having sex with her even though he's told her why he can't. She tells him that he won't hurt her because he doesn't want to hurt her. Even if he had the self-control and manage to no hurt her during the sex he won't enjoy it. Edward would be too busy being preoccupied and anxious about using just the right amount of force to not hurt her. Edward is asking her to marry him and would even pay for her college, but nooo she doesn't want any of that. She's not grateful at all and doesn't even consider it because all she wants is Edward more than "water, or food, or even oxygen". The crazy obsessed bitch. How can she not see anything past Edward? The consequences-her life? Poor Jacob, oncd he finds out that they're engaged now. He'll be devastated. Edward should stop trying to convince himself because clearly he doesn't love Bella and he wants to be with Jacob. Edward, man you're really self-destroying right now. He's trying to make himself believe that it's for the better he's choosing Bella, that whatever him and Jacob had was hurting both of them. Makes me think of this song Enough by Beth Crowley:
You should listen to it! Hate Me by Nino Collins too
This chapter was torture. I'm relieved he didn't go through with the sex. That would've been disgusting to read.
9/24/2022 c11 Eloise-chapter11
Nooo Edward! Not the ring! Don't give her the ring! Don't marry that bitch! If he married her and turns her he can't go back. On a lighter note, it was funny how Jacob didn't like Edward's translation. How he told him if he's gonna play telephone he better play a good telephone. Edward smiled at that and see that's a good sign! Jacob managing to make him smile even with all this thoughts tormenting him It's painful how Edward keeps pushing Jacob way even though they could have something beautiful. He could be comfortable, expressive, relaxed, happy in a relationship with Jacob. I knew there had to be a kiss because of the title "Kiss Me, Kill Me", but the kiss was better than I thought. Not because it was hot or sexy, but because of the desperate emotions running in that kiss. Jacob does love Edward even if he's seen and knows about his ugly imperfections and the sins he's committed. Jacob keeps fighting and fighting for this forbidden love between them. Edward should just give in. This makes me think of Youngblood by five seconds of summer:
You push and you push and I'm pulling away, pulling away from you" from Edward's point of view and "Youngblood say you want me, say you want me...I'm just a dead man walking tonight"from Jacob's. It was exactly what Edward wanted for someone to love him and tell him and Jacob said it out loud. I hope they do form a relationship for both of their sakes.
9/24/2022 c11 Eloise-chapter11
This chapter was a lot! It has so many things that need to talked about. Bella and Edward's relationship is falling apart. The "rose pink" phase of their relationship (which was never there to begin with) is over. Their ugly unhealthy relationship was just covered with sparkling stardust, but now that stardust faded so the ugliness is being uncovered. Edward should just listen to his inner chant of "wrong". The relationship feels wrong because it is wrong. It's not right for either of them. Edward is unhappy and robotic with her trying to be perfect and not show his flaws. Bella is just completely infatuated with him. It's a fake love. Like Blackpink has said "let's kill this love". Bella doesn't even allow him to give her a present because he's already "perfect" and she only needs him. It's terrible to be seen that way and worshipped like that. She puts him in this pedestal of perfection, but doesn't know him for who he is. She doesn't see how flawed and imperfect he , she makes me think of Marinette from Miraculous Ladybug. She's unbearable-how can Edward stand her and be with her? She's so self-centered it was absolutely disgusting how she cornered him between picking either her or his family. Of course he chose her because he feels guilty that she's in this mess because of him. Bella is horrible I hope she gets her karma. I really wouldn't mind if Victoria killed her in this story.
9/24/2022 c10 Eloise-chapter10
That's so uncomfortable! Seeing Edward and wanting to think about him, but knowing the whole pack will hear his thoughts if he does. Yup, just keep your eyes away from Edward. I remember my excitement in the training scene in eclipse when Jasper and the rest of the vampires were training. Alice was elegant. She was the coolest in the fights, but she could've lost if Jasper wasn't distracted by her being his girlfriend. It was funny when the vampires and werewolves were both disgusted when Jacob was acting like a dog so Bella wouldn't be scared.I was thinking that maybe Edward and Jacob wouldn't speak directly to each other in this whole chapter, but I'm glad I was wrong. Ugh Bella's annoying trying to understand the conversation they're having when clearly she's not included in it. I was like "Yassss, you go!" when Jacob threw caution to the wind and decided to speak to Edward in his human form. I want them to reconcile. Edward calling him dog, but in an almost fond manner makes me want them to get together already! I hope that while fighting the newborns either Edward or Jacob come to a close call of dying and that they don't hesitate to save the other. They see how much they care about the other when they see one of them could have died. I have find out what happens next!
9/24/2022 c10 Eloise-chapter10
Ahh! Like Jacob said in chapter 8 he'll be damned if he lets it stop now and he actually went to the party Bella invited him too even after the whole confession and punching incident happened. I was so nervous that he went, but excited to see the consequences of him going. I'm glad Jacob had some support and that Embry and Quil accompanied him. I was a bit annoyed because it seemed like Jacob was expecting Bella to pay attention to him and be forgiving and grateful for the gift when she really doesn't have to after he forcefully kissed is right Alice sometimes does give the vibe like her and Bella are dating. They make a wayyy better pair than Bella and Edward. I laughed when Jacob, Embry, and Quil laughed after Bella told Alice no to the wolves joining because they'll get killed. I mean girl, how stupid can you get? They're a whole pack and are designed to kill vampires. Why would you reject any help from them and suggest they'll get killed? It's another story if she'd said she doesn't want them to get hurt, but nooo she thinks they'll get killed. That's an insult to the wolves. I was like "oh, shit" when Jacob realized he will have to phase. Leah is an annoying clever girl by asking him why he hadn't phases he could have shown the memories he's been trying to hide, but it didn't work...until Embry said something. After those memories he showed they really shouldn't doubt what Leah told them about Edward and Jacob.
9/21/2022 c9 Eloise-chapter 9
Also, there were no lyrics to a song, but the quote was lovely. It describes how close the pack is and how they're a family that sticks through thin and thick.
9/21/2022 c9 Eloise-chapter 9
I was not expecting this interlude of the pack, but it was necessary. Oof, they're doubting Leah and don't want to believe her so just imagining when they have the proof of how Jacob feels towards Edward and what happened between them makes me worried for Jacob. It's annoying me how Quil thought of ordering Jacob to stop when he imprinted in a two-year-old and should know how it feels to be criticized by others for who you're in love with. You can't help who you fall in love with. Sam is doing the right thing by ordering that they all let Jacob tell them in time what's troubling him and that no matter what he's their brother. Seth is the best! Defending Jacob and hoping that Jacob isn't dumped by Edward so he's not hurting. I hope when Jacob does tell them what's happening they don't react so strongly opposed and things don't get physical(Paul).
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