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for A Very Underestimated Emotion

9/11/2010 c15 Jagura
You won`t leave us hanging her, will you? You can`t be that cruel!

Write some more, please!
9/5/2010 c1 sst
Hi there, i'm usually a lurker but I had to tell you that since my search for good Edward/Jacob fics began, I found a small few I really liked and yours is currently the best by far!

I also had to beg you to update soon! pretty please?
9/2/2010 c15 14Toni America
O wow! This story is freakin' amazing! It most certainly is like watching a horror film... You know it's gonna be ugly but you can't help but watch. lol. Poor Jacob... Edward's being such a douche... and I've never really liked Bella... She seems a bit slow and unimpressive to me... But that's just my opinion. Back to the story at hand, the angst here is really, really good. I feel like Edward loves him too, but yet I can't understand why he's being so... afraid... I mean i see it and it seems irrational. Eternity is a long time to pretend to love someone. It'd be weird if Jacob did die and he finally told him, though I hope he doesn't... But anyway, AWESOME STORY! Can't wait for an update!
8/28/2010 c7 11bandgeek9
This story is incredible. You are truly talented, and that's not something I say lightly. I despise Twilight on many different levels, but you make it bearable, and I swear to God that you write the characters better than Meyer could ever hope of doing; making them more believable, relatable, and realistic. Where as Meyer tells but doesn't show, you do show- and do a fantastic job of it. Keep it up!
8/26/2010 c15 4Kats Flower Girls
This chapter was awesome & It's so true that Edward watched the whole battle through Seth & never cried out for anyone in Danger until it was Jacob... I can't believe there is only one more chapter, but I'm looking forward to it! thanks for this great chapter :)
8/25/2010 c15 Jenny
I know, I know xD. I just had to try...Lovely chapter! You're amazing, you know that? I forced my sister to read this and now she likes this pairing. Which actually says a lot because before she was VERY much(like in your face) Team Jacob...Ew lol. I'm rereading Eclipse now to compare...can I just say that all this totally went down? :)
8/23/2010 c15 38Utena-Puchiko-nyu

This chapter was so intense! I'm still nervous XD

Good work!
8/23/2010 c15 5Reniefuwa
Aw, I love your Jacob. His grief and angst actually repelled me for a while after last chapter, though. Good emotional writing.

Thanks to you, I am now convinced that Edward/Jacob shipping is no less than canon.

Still good writing, and I will keep reading, so keep up the good work!
8/22/2010 c12 Gigi
The thoughts are annoying...
8/20/2010 c6 saddened
this chapter literally made me cry. i love the story so far. you constantly keeping me guessing as to what will happen next. can't wait to read more.
8/20/2010 c15 Fan
Damn. Reading this fic really makes me wish Edward and Jacob had ended up together. I was pissed off at Bella even before reading this for destroying the two. xD

I'm glad you wrote this, because it's always good to see a Jacob/Edward supporter. :D
8/18/2010 c15 4Truee
i totally creid at the end!edward is such a dick win will he realize jake is the right choice!

i was so afraid that you just gave up on writing this story i was on the verge of losing my mind.

thank you so much for your stories.
8/18/2010 c15 adnana
I've been reading your story pretty much since the beginning, and I realllly have to review, a signed one this time.

Let me just say your vision and version of events moved me, Jake's story made me so so sad, I'd cry for him. I actually cried at the end of Eclipse and pretty much hated both Bella and Edward for their happiness. I estimate I'll be crying a lot more after your next chapter.

I've read all your ANs and also some reviews, and I pretty much get that my opinion won't be changing your mind. I have to give it, though.

Leaving behind the whole "they belong together" stuff, you must admit that, in YOUR story, they actually belong with each other.

Who better to understand the other?

In this version of Eclipse, Edward is , at most, in pity with Bella, so to speak. He doesn't love her, he doesn't need her.

Is he really, your Edward, the type of man that does something like that to one he loves (I'm referring to his actions and words towards Jake)? Because he does love Jacob.

And Jacob...if you really can't see a way for them to be together, at least give him his ending. And I don't mean his happy ever after with Renesmee (I mean, REALLY!, what was up with that?) but a clean break.

Or maybe something along the lines of Edward agreeing not to change Bella and being with Jacob some 50 years later?

Anyway, I've given it my best shot, (it was a DUTY), and I bet I haven't convinced you to change A thing:))

The chapter is probably written already, or at least planned out.

After doing my best undergoing a kamikaze - no success in sight - mission, I must commend you on a greatly written, greatly woven story, I really enjoyed it, and please consider at least writing an alternative ending for all of us poor souls.

Great job!

8/17/2010 c15 450Seylin
This is the chapter I have been waiting for! You kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time. Love, love, love!

I'm sad that the next chapter will be the last.
8/17/2010 c15 Shalette
Loved this chapter, and the pure desperation of Jacob to leave the pain behind, it was so utterly heartbreaking.
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