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9/21/2022 c8 Eloise-chapter 8
Bella has very right to be angry and wish to never see Jacob again because of that kiss, but Jacob is right though. Bella has options that don't involve her losing her humanity and turning into a vampire. I was also looking forward to Edward coming and hurting Jacob for what he did like a "sick, sick puppy". I wanted a fight, for them to yell at each other and a cathartic release of emotions, but nooo Bella was there and the "perfect" Edward can't lose his composure. I was reading this chapter on my way to school in the bus and I was so thrilled in the Leah confronting Jacob about what he's hiding, but I had to stop when we arrived. I finished it after school and like I said earlier. I love Leah and wish she had more screen time in the movies. That's my girl! Putting the pieces together and figuring it out! She was right on the mark! She's right dinner or later the pack has to now what's going on and it's better to know sooner. She has to tell them if Jacob isn't gonna do it. I'm thrilled to read the pack's reactions. This chapter had so much drama! The ending the "You're right, Edward. This whole thing really is a bad idea-but I'll be damned if I let it stop now." Yesss, go Jacob! Fight for the love you deserve! Things already went too far between y'all so dive deeper don't stop there.
9/21/2022 c8 Eloise-chapter 8
The title-Damned If I Do You(Damned If I Don't) makes me think of this other fantastic fanfiction by an author named mechachansey. If you watch My Hero Academia and want something better for Bakugo than Bakugo x Izuku then read it! Here's the link
It's a Bakugo x Shindou story and it's one hell of a ride! Back to the , that's a horrible nightmare! Please, please, please, to the gods out there don't let Jacob's nightmare of Bella and Edward marrying come true! If she's turned into a vampire it's too late to go back even if Edward and Jacob are in love with each other. That kiss, oh my god! Jacob had the balls to do it and confess! He's confession isn't really true because the whole time he was with Bella he was trying to not think of Edward and failing. He's over her even if he denies it. It's a bit funny that Bella thought Jacob wasn't getting sleep to protect her with double-shifts, but no girl he was thinking of your boyfriend. You did an excellent job with the kiss and Bella's reaction. That was wrong of Jacob, but it was like he was drunk. He was drunk on Edward and thought he saw him (To be fair Edward and Bella look like siblings).when he saw Bella and leaned in to kiss. Roar! Like a beast, but Bella probably doesn't like a rough kiss. Bella deserves the pain from the punch because she doesn't know how much she, her existence, is hurting Edward and Jacob. Throughout this whole chapter I was entranced with Jacob repeatedly thinking "Sick, sick puppy" it's like a song at this point. I like it even more because Edward has referred to him as a pup.
9/21/2022 c7 Eloise-chapter 7
Also, you did an excellent job explaining why vampires sparkle! Your explanation made sense. Now people that watch The Vampire Diaries can't make fun of Twilight vampires sparkling instead of burning in the sun if they read this story.
9/21/2022 c7 Eloise-chapter 7
I'm worried about Jacob too! When is he gonna phase? Being a wolf is a part of him. Edward came back and goddamn I can't imagine this chapter being written better than it already is. The passion between them and the comfort they find with each other is perfect. It was cathartic for both of them to release their emotions and share them with each other. Jacob managed to tear down some of Edward's walls so he shared what he's locked in. Both were vulnerable with each other and that's something necessary for a relationship to last. The depth you have to Edward is incredible. I don't know if hey shared his past like that with anyone because I haven't read the books, but in the movies he just shared something surface-level. Things were going so well, but good things don't last. It was devastating when Edward left again and told him that what happened between them wasn't going to happen again. Why, oh, why are you letting the good things in your life Edward slip away? But Edward is right thinking "I saw the quarrel had merely effected a closer intimacy-had broken the outworks of youthful timidity, and enabled them to forsake the disguise of friendship, and confess themselves lovers."
After this fight both of them will be closer and they'll turn into lovers.
9/21/2022 c6 Eloise-chapter 6
I knew the title "Please Don't Leave Me" meant something bad was gonna happen, but that hurt. Jacob went up to him and asked if he wanted to ride motorcycles with him sometime and he said no that it's a terrible idea. Jacob really wants that connection between Edward and him to workout. Edward was so icy and brutal with his words saying
"A few hormonal surges, a night of-of- and you're suddenly in love with me? Well I certainly don't feel the same. You may think you're human, but you're not. You're just a filthy mongrel and nothing I would ever want to be around." Edward why?! He's trying to cover up his own feelings and is running away by saying he doesn't give a damn and doesn't care. He's scared that Jacob is acting like that and seeking him out, but he's tearing Jacob apart. Jacob is still holding on and saying that he wants him and won't let him leave just make it all the me think of "Stitches by Shawn Mendes".
'You got me bleeding 'til I can't breathe
I'm shaking Falling into my knees
But now that I'm without your kisses
I'll be needing stitches'
9/21/2022 c6 Eloise-chapter 6
Sometimes I find the friendship between Bella and Jacob pleasant. I hope that somehow if Bella figures out what Edward and Jacob have been doing they remain friends, but I highly doubt that'll be the case. Jacob is right- how come having a vampire for a boyfriend doesn't creep her out? Actually, the only time Bella was creeped out was after she got hints that Edward isn't human and read about "The Cold Ones", but then she followed Edward into the forest and confronted him about it. She became infatuated with him all of a sudden. Woah, Bella blew out for proportion Jacob cutting himself. As if he was bleeding out a whole river! Plus Jasper isn't there to make a big deal out of it.
9/20/2022 c5 Eloise-chapter 5
Again Edward right now thinks that "Bella had his heart and soul, even if Jacob seemed to have his body rather occupied with his raging but quiet fire… but one's heart was much more important that one's body, wasn't it? Yes. Yes it is.". but that's going to change. Poor Alice! I feel she's the one that's most burdened because of her ability to see the future. She's pressured to see things and even sees things she might not want to see. Edward is being such an asshole by snapping at Alice and going off on her when it's not her fault. Alice must feel like she's useless unless she has her ability to help. She's like a camera system that has to monitor multiple 're completely right! Bella acts like Victoria is the incarnation of evil when she only briefly met her in the baseball game. She should have more faith in the Cullen's and wolves that protect her. Bella is so annoying! She's suggesting that they turn her into a vampire now and leave Charlie for him to be safe. He's going to be worried, Jacob will feel wrecked when he learns she was turned, there will be war, but nooo she doesn't care about any of that. I wonder if there's a chapter with Victoria's point of view. I'll keep reading to find out!
9/20/2022 c5 Eloise-chapter 5
I just love the witty banter between Edward and Jacob. When Edward mimicked Jacob by saying "But you don't have leeches on speed dial" and then Jacob telling him "You said I could reach you at Bella's house". It's just this spice they have that Edward and Bella lack. They have this amazing chemistry! Jacob should've finished his "Hate to watch you go, but love to watch you leave". Right now Edward has accepted that he's sexually attracted to Jacob, but he doesn't have romantic feelings for him yet. Both Edward and Jacob still love Bella, but I hope that changes soon and they both start falling for each other. See! Edward holding back with Bella not making out with her, not having sex only kissing. That's cruel to Bella who wouldn't hesitate to suck his dick if he asked her to. He leads on Bella by kissing her and arousing her and then leaves her hanging. You don't do that! He lets himself go wild with Jacob, but Bella is this fragile china doll he can only softly touch unless she's turned. Ugh! And they're supposed to be the main pair? I don't know what was going through Stephanie Meyer's head.
9/18/2022 c4 Eloise-chapter 4
Speaking of friendships, when there's no romance and they play around and joke with each other I think Jacob's and Bella's friendship is sweet. They're wayyy better off as friends. I agree with Bella imprinting on a two year old is just gross. Quil is just babysitting and waiting until Claire is old enough that they can have sexual activity. Try as they might to deny it it and say he's a brother to her right now and then he'll be a friend it is perverse. But that doesn't compare to how Sam got with Emily by having a couple suicide attempts until she caved. It's horrible how self-centered they are and don't think about their think about themselves and how to get with their imprint.
I love the way you described how Jacob feels when he's with Edward "the rush of an addiction being supplied. The joy of a pothead who gets his next bag of leaves. The sweet relief of a heroin-addict who gets his next vial of chemicals. The uncontrollable compulsion of a tweaker to get the next inhale of his newest fix. Insane. Unhealthy. Too good" There's a pull between them that they can't stop. It makes me think of the song "Fallin' by Why Don't We" . I recommend you listen to it if you ever read this comment. .In this other fanfiction I read of Jakeward that's how Edward described how he felt with Jacob-alive. He felt human with Bella, but with Jacob he felt alive like he was truly living. It's just perfect how they don't match how they're like fire and ice, hot and cold, frozen and warm, but they mix, they compliment each other. I like their witty comebacks between them too-Bella could never. It's funny how they were both imitating each other with Jacob saying that he just wants to see something and Edward giving a reluctant "fine". The deja-vu is real. I'm thrilled to see how their relationship develops. Edward definitely cheated now, he can't go back this time.
9/18/2022 c4 Eloise-chapter 4
It's amusing how Jacob first thought of asking Michael someone who he sees as really, really gay how he found how he's gay. Michael made it all the more better by cutting Jacob off and telling him that he won't go out with him. It was a good joke. I like him and his sense of humor. I wish that Michael and Jacob did form a friendship.I read the author's note and I have to say the cafeteria conversation between Jacob and the other wolves was brilliant. It's like they all have telepathy because they kept on adding to what each was saying to tease Jacob and it all fit. Sometimes Leah is very funny. I actually like her and wish she had more screen time. It was hilarious that they were speaking so loudly about Jacob's virginity and didn't realize the whole cafeteria was listening until Leah pointed it out. She's so bitchy at times and I love that. Her and Rosalie could be besties you can't change my mind.I can easily picture Leah feeling her blood boil if someone else said she acts like she's on her period. Yep, they'll have to stick to that I-Hate-everyone serenity to describe her.
9/17/2022 c3 Eloise-chapter 3
To the other very important part of the chapter-Bella's and Edward's relationship is super unhealthy. Edward is so controlling. He wants Bella to do just as he says and Bella is(was) willing to do anything he asks her to. I'm glad Bella isn't just readily agreeing to doing anything like before and is instead fighting him a bit and showing her disagreement. There's something called personal autonomy and Bella should be able to exercise that. There relationship is so dependent on each other. No, it's like they don't have lives outside of each other. Both are so obsessive. Edward can't leave Bella alone for a weekend to see her friend and needs Alice to babysit her to leave. Bella feels like he's her reason for existing
and acts like she's not worth anything without him and just ugh! It's this twisted dark love they have if you can even call it love. It's a parasite feeding on a host where they need each other to survive. With their relationship I can't help, but think of "Toxic by Britney Spears".
'You're toxic I'm sleeping under with a taste of a poison paradise
I'm addicted to you don't you know that you're toxic'
9/17/2022 c3 Eloise-chapter 3
Author, for a second there because of the "bitemarks" part of the title I really thought that things between Jacob and Edward would get more heated, but it's fine there's a next time for them. This time Jacob received a bruise time hopefully a bite mark. Oh my God, though that was perfect! Jacob's line of they both have the same equipment and know how to use it is so damn sexy. Ha, he knows exactly how to leave Edward all hot and bothered. The homophobia Edward is exhibiting is super real. Being born decades ago and seeing the punishment that people who like the same sex revived would be something that would frighten anyone who started to like the same sex. Poor Edward, I hope he realizes that it's natural and it's not wrong to like the same sex and acts on those urges.
9/17/2022 c2 Eloise-chapter 2
I enjoy these chapters with both of their points of view author so no need to title is so fitting because both Edward and Jacob were setting aside what happened between them(or trying to) when they saw Bella and were thinking "Yes, how could I forget? This is who I'm in love with". Both were trying to see the "bright side" when they were with Bella. Actually, I feel a bit bad for Bella because she's so blindly in love with Edward and doesn't see how flawed he truly is. She's completely infatuated with him and he's so dishonest and lies so much...and in a relationship you should be with someone who can be vulnerable and show who they truly deserves to be in a relationship where he doesn't have to hold back and hide his true nature. Jacob can do better than Bella. Bella is this dumb, impulsive, child that doesn't stop to think. Just ugh! I was super annoyed when she said that "there was nothing to forgive" when Edward just left her, abandoned her. It was cruel of her to just up and say that Jacob isn't human. He has feelings, a heart, he breathes. I hope both Jacob and Edward come to realize that Bella is their first love, but that they're not meant to be with her. That she's not right for them. Oof, there's bad blood now that Edward appeared at the end of the chapter. Will Edward be rough with Jacob like Jacob wants him to be?
9/17/2022 c1 Eloise-chapter 1
Kyaaa! I'm just one chapter in and let me tell you this is exquisite! It's like all of our Jacob x Edward shippers fantasies are coming true. It's so interesting that what Edward wanted to touch was Jacob's toned arms. His biceps, triceps all the good stuff. Edward can't help, but be fascinated by the strength, the muscles. Oh my god, author! The part where Edward said that he doesn't have to be had me thrilled. I did not expect that. I wonder if Alice will be the first to figure out what will happen between Jacob and Edward since she has visions and all. I can't wait for the part where Edward dumps Bella. I've gotta keep reading! Also, I love the touch you added with lyrics to a song that fit them.
1/7/2022 c6 eleonoreyouna
Hey! Really great strory. I’m just reading ch6 and i can’t stop. Thank you for writing this !
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