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for A Very Underestimated Emotion

5/5/2010 c7 19RainGoddess2040
Dude... what a mindf*! [stupid FF and its stupid no profanity in reviews]
I am madly, deeply in love with your Jacob! I am also warring between b*slapping your Edward and hugging him. Can I throw Bella off a cliff or hook her up with Nahuel or whatever his name is and then we can all have a happy ending? Anyway, I love the progression and aggression and depression! AWESOMESAUCE!
5/5/2010 c7 29Dulzura Letal
Really...I don't like so unteresting, so dull !
I loved Jacob's reactions.
5/5/2010 c6 43JaceDamian23
you know I feel so bad for poor jacob but then again he cares for bella and is her best friend and is in love with edward. wants him so badly...i'm not a huge bella fan but she cares for both guys.

but edward was so cruel to jake. the poor guy probably wanted to cry all night instaed he had to sit guard with edward in there with bella. what an uncomfy night lol.
anyway I love your story. I'm excited for more...hopefully soon:)
5/5/2010 c5 JaceDamian23
i can't figure out who this vampire is but I have a feeling that maybe bella is his singer or soul mate or something..which would be good because she isn't either of her boys soulmate. I think they are each other soul mates. Thats my guess anyway.
5/4/2010 c4 JaceDamian23
"Ah… I just wanted to… erm… Well, how do I put this? Uh…" Every sentence seemed to be self-destructing somewhere between his brain and his mouth and he looked everywhere but at the other boy.

"No, I won't go out with you," Michael said flatly, and Jacob's head snapped up, but he noticed the other boy was grinning. "Oh, just spit it out."

Jacob grinned back sheepishly. "Alright, er… This is going to sound… weird… but… how did you know? I mean… Know?"

Michael was silent for a long while, studying Jacob, who fidgeted under the scrutiny.

"Huh," he said at last, "I would have thought it was Embry, or maybe Quil, but not you. This is sort of a surprise."

A hot flush rose to Jacob's face. "N-no! I'm not… I mean, I don't think…"

"Statistically, I knew there had to be at least one in your clique," Michael continued, purposely ignoring the other man's discomfort, "but… Well, that it's you is a surprise."

"Just tell me how you know, will you?" Jacob growled, his embarrassment growing.

Michael smiled, looking amused. "You really think there's a gay test out there? 'Do this one thing and you'll know for sure'? It's not that easy."

"So there's a series of tests?"

The twerp had the audacity to laugh. "No, Jacob. You just have to figure it out yourself. No one can tell you. Just… I don't know, spend some time with girls, spend some time with boys… You'll figure out which you like better soon enough."

Jacob hesitated. "What if… what if it's both?"

"Then you'll be ostracized by the gay clan and the straight clan and will be forced to wander the Earth as a lonely pariah while your dick withers away," Michael deadpanned.


He laughed. "Heh… There's something naively charming about closet cases," he patted Jacob's shoulder, "I'm going to be late for lunch. You have a good day, okay?"

"Okay…" Jacob cleared his throat. "Erm… thanks… sort of."

"No problem." And he was gone.
lmfao I freaking loved that part hun. funny as hell haha
"Oh stuff your stupid kitten, gaywad," Embry growled, throwing his roll at Jared, who ducked with a grin. Jacob winced a bit at the term.

"You're just jealous," Jared shot back.

"Of having a girl that smells like cat all the time? Ha!"

"Hey, cats don't smell all that bad."

"Will you two knock it off" Seth complained, coming up to the table with his lunch tray and setting it next to his best friend. "You're completely ignoring Jacob's problems."

"The only problem is that he hasn't gotten laid enough lately," Paul snorted, and Jared and Embry snickered.
Shut up, Embry. Bella would never… I mean, we didn't… Just shut up."

The whole pack leaned in. "Really?" they all asked, and the seemingly-scripted moment had Jacob scooting his chair away a bit.

"Ye-es," he answered slowly, "Really."

A snort. A muffled snicker. Then full-blown, howling laughter. Including Seth, the traitor.

"So you took her to the movies-"

"Fixed up her motorcycle and took her 'riding' with it-"

"Phased into the most badass creature out there, right in front of her-"

"Never once wore your shirt in front of her-"

"Got all Prince Charming-y and saved her-"

"Acted like the best friend that's always there when her loser boyfriend isn't-"

"And you never got any?" Jared finished, and they all collapsed into laughter again.

"We… were wondering… how you were hiding it… from us…" Apparently this was a hoot for Embry, who could barely breathe.

Jacob slid lower in his seat. "You guys are assholes."

"And you're gay," Quil shot back.

Jacob flinched and flushed bright red, hands balling into fists under the table. "Am not!" Am I?
lmfao good part. I feel bad for Jacob though. Poor guy. haha
"Tempting," she practically chirped, her voice forcibly light. "I have been tortured-Alice painted my toenails."
, then Bella kissed him on the cheek-huh. So does leading people on just come naturally to her or…?-

haha I know what a bitch she is
hot scene. loved when edward asked jake why he was thinking of quils chest LOL.

jakes fight with bella was sad though but I don't care. If I did I would not be happy that edward cheated on her again with Jake lmfao. THOUGH I wish it was more graphic...but its good
5/4/2010 c3 JaceDamian23
Jacob's expression hardened and he lowered his arms. "No." You can't stop me. You can't control me. You may think I'm a dog but I'll be damned if you ever figure out how to leash me like you've done to her.
hahaha good metophor
lmfao omfg I can't believe that jake grabbed edwards dick haha. priceless!

"Okay," she sighed and pulled back from him a little. "I believe that. But I want you to know something-when it comes to all this enemies nonsense, I'm out. I am a neutral country. I am Switzerland. I refuse to be affected by territorial disputes between mythical creatures. Jacob is family. You are… well, not exactly the love of my life, because I expect to love you for much longer than that. The love of my existence. I don't care who's a werewolf and who's a vampire. If Angela turns out to be a witch, she can join the party."

Spoken just like a human, Edward thought, a thread of bitterness working its way through his mind.

lmfao loved that angela witch part. too funny
darling I love your story. I really do but to be totally honest and I'm not saying this to be mean or anything sometimes your story confuses me. You write in BOTH of there point of views and one chapter is not jakes and the other is edwards..but its both characters in ALL chapters...but one second its edwards point of view and then the next minute its jacobs. its confusing. you don't give us any warning. You really should put Edwards POV and Jacobs POV up above.

And that is not a flame so I hope your not mad at what I said. I am being honest and nice and trying to help you out. I seriously am LOVING this story very much!
5/2/2010 c6 4kuhekabir
good story :)
5/1/2010 c6 38Utena-Puchiko-nyu
OMG! I hate Edward now ¬¬ He's so cruel with my sweet wolf! DX

I hope that he's suffering for this too! ú.u

Kisses from Argentina!
4/30/2010 c1 1Jooheika
from the first chapter this seems to be really good. i can't wait to see what happens when bella is thrown into it.
4/30/2010 c6 cuntface69
Amazing job, the story's awesome. The last chapter honestly made me tear a little, I felt so bad for Jacob =3 well, that only shows that youre doing a great job =)
4/29/2010 c6 5Reniefuwa
Awesome emotional descriptions. Once again, everything makes so much more sense now; I probably won't stop saying it.

I was ok with Edward wearing jeans, but whatever.

[He shook the image from his mind and watched as Bella...away from Bella or Bella away from Edward-but he knew he wanted to knock somebody.] Proofread that paragraph; there are a lot of pronouns out of place (I think the only pronouns are female, and I'm pretty sure that's not right).
4/29/2010 c6 DaNiTiC
I dont know why.. But I found Edwards little rant to Jacob kinda hot.
I wanted him to continue insulting him. Just telling him off! Just make him feel like shit! And then throw him down and screw him senselessly!

"You are vile and inconsiderate and one of the lowest of the low"
It was like.. yes Edward, talk condescending to me, belittle me! :3 Soo hot man.. so hot.
Maybe Im just a masochist! XD But I must say that scene is definitely my new fave piece of dialogue.
4/28/2010 c6 450Seylin
I'm absolutely tingling with all the emotion that was in this chapter. I loved it!
4/28/2010 c6 lilli kitty
omg poor jake :( edward was so mean! i guess, he is just freaked out by it all but still...

you better get ta' goin' on that smutty version to cheer me up!
4/28/2010 c5 DaNiTiC
Where do you find your songs! They are really good and with different genres! And they also fit perfectly with each chapter!
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