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for A Very Underestimated Emotion

4/17/2010 c3 5rebelwilla
Hm I wonder what Jacob will do next? ;)
4/16/2010 c2 samster1819
cool and long chapters are awsome!
4/16/2010 c2 Kendye
I love it!
4/16/2010 c2 12Mannequin Republic
Oh god, it's like reading Eclipse all over again. *shakes head* I really want the Jakeward to come along quickly cos' I can't handle Bella. I mean, I can't even read the books anymore cos' she's such a spoilt... bitch! I mean, seriously! Especially reading this! It's like exactly like Eclipse - except for the whole fact that Jacob and Edward kissed... or maybe they actually did kiss, but we didn't know. O: Haha, I love yaoi so when I saw this story my reaction was like: 'OMG, FINALLY, ANOTHER JAKEWARD STORY! CAN'T WAIT FOR BELLA-BASHING!' So yeah, I guess it's kinda obvious that I hate Bella. I superly - like I ever use that word - hate her. She's like the most vilest and annoying-est and bitchy-est person/character ever! I mean, how she hurt Jacob in the books was bad but she still got Edward; I mean. I used to hate Edward and everything and Bell/Jake was FTW on my list. Til' I watched New Moon and the... blurgh. I went Jakeward so fast it was.. scary. I mean, in nearly every Jakeward story there's nearly always Bella-Bashing. AND I LOVE THAT. I mean, that worthless bitch-faced slut does not deserve Jacob nor does she even deserve Edward so I just really hope that you actually do include Bella-Bashing even though in the first Author's Note you said that you were going to keep it down to a minimum. BUT, honestly - and personally - I think that would be kinda impossible in this story as Bella wouldn't understand and get all whiney and shit.. and then things get complicated! So yeah, I really don't mind if you use Bella-Bashing. In fact, I'd whole heartedly agree with it and, 'WOO,' you for using it. Haha. Update as soon as you can!
4/16/2010 c2 2sweetiiey
nice story hope u update soon

4/16/2010 c2 dhydo
Wow! I've just find your story and it's amazing! I'm on the edges to see what will happen in the next chapter between Jake and Edward! I hope something sexy and angsty! Update as soon as you can! And congrat!
4/16/2010 c2 unakiv
Oh! I adore your VUE a lot. Only two chapters but I enjoyed them like two good fanfics. Love your AN as well, so funny. If I could write I wish I write like you! Soulmate!

Sorry, for all emotions and nothing is really reviewed.
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