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for A Very Underestimated Emotion

7/18/2020 c16 450Seylin
You posted this 10 years after the last chapter and I am reviewing a good 6 months after that. The notification has just been sitting in my email. Life got in the way.

In any case, I think this was a sad but wonderful ending. I'm not as crazy about the poly relationship idea but from the way you set it up, I would read it. Edward/Bella just doesn't do anything for me and on a personal level, I know I'd be too jealous to ever be in a poly relationship myself.

My favorite part of this chapter was all the wolf reactions, to the battle, to Jacob being hurt, to Edward's confession.
7/11/2020 c16 5InDreamsILived
This is by far my favorite slash fic for this ship. Thank you for finishing it. I hope one day to read the sequel.
5/15/2020 c16 nhelle
oh my god this fic has been one of my favorite for ages, I started reading it back in 2010. I came back to recommend it to someone and it turns out you updated I'M YELLING
4/26/2020 c16 cazois
I can’t fucking believe it! I have had this story on a tab on my phone forever. I keep rereading it. Last weekend I visited it again, and lo and behold- the final chapter. My jaw dropped. The sheer emotions between Edward and Jacob took my breath away. It really made my heart ache. It also forced me to ponder the hell that closeted people go through. I was a late and reluctant fan of Twilight. I saw the movies first and then read the novels. The movies were laughable and the novels were riddled with problems. I really enjoyed how you manipulated the plot and filled the holes. Well, I suppose I should find you in AO3. Thank you for such a fantastic work!
4/10/2020 c16 2harmonious
Wow. I don't know what it is about the last few months but several authors who haven't updated in years have come back to finish. I've always had this story in the back of my mind when i think about Twilight. I'm so happy! My shipper heart is broken hearted because I kind of want to push Bella of a cliff to let Jake and Edward be together. However, my writer brain recognizes this is the right ending and at least I'm left with a glimmer of hope that they all end up together.

I love how annoyed Edward is throughout the entire healing process but still trying to maintain his facade. Him admitting he loves Jacob just really gets me every time because what mattered in the end was someone-Bella or Edward- acknowledging they love Jacob. I do think it's too mature for Jacob to have that kine of thinking so soon after having his heart broken. I would have dragged it out a little longer but as you were trying to keep it in canon with eclipse I can't blame you. Amazing story! You really pulled of their relationship.
12/28/2019 c16 2Kimnd
"Just to let everyone know, I'm migrating my work to AO3:"
guess i didn't need to copy paste all this stuff

Ah well! posting all those reviews was fun in its own way ;)

and i'll get to do it even more so in 2024 or so, when I re-read it on a03 and leave my innane commentary every chapter (since i won't be able to if i downloaded it):
12/28/2019 c15 Kimnd
Jacob: no really, bella, i get it, you love edward and don't love me, i feel the exact same way
12/28/2019 c13 Kimnd
re-reading the review i made below with pinkie pie's face just makes me imagine her singing that song and it amuses me greatly
12/28/2019 c12 Kimnd



12/28/2019 c11 Kimnd
Ah man i love that last little moment so fuckin much
the tragedy is so delicious
12/28/2019 c8 kimnd
see this is why youll always be inferior to ao3, here i need to log out to make unlimited inane comments on people's writing, which is why i'm here

also i noticed that my reviews seem to have a theme of insomnia running through them
good to know nothing's changed in the *double checks timing* dang, 5 years since i first read this story
12/28/2019 c9 Kimnd
re-reading my old reviews is sometimes very brutal
12/28/2019 c8 kimnd
going through each of these and stripping out the html by hand and then copy and pasting it into one word document because you're going to be on a plane for 12 hours tomorrow and you already can't sleep so you figure you may as well do this really makes me appreciate how Archive of Our Own just lets you do what i'm trying to do with the single push of a button

also, question, do the volturi keep tabs on the internet? like, there's gotta be conspiracy theory circles about vampires in this world, right? there's literally a vampire illuminati

i have thought way too much about the power structure and world building of twilight
vampires should, by all logic, rule the world. why are they a secret? the volturi could just, i dunno, get themselves elected president, get their people into different states of office, and then reveal the existance of vampires, and slowly evolve the world into a state of slavery and treating humans as cattle
the only check on vampires is wearwolves, and as far as we know, the only active wolf pack is the one on la push, and it's implied to be a specifically native american thing-does that mean vampires weren't a thing in the old world? but that can't be true, because some of the volturi are over a thousand years old... then are there packs in other parts of the world? we know for a fact that wolfy genes only activate if there's vampires nearby or something, and biological stuff like that takes a long time to evolve-therefore, there mustve been vampires in humanity's infancy in africa, in the 10,000 years of our evolution before we were able to start writing stuff down. so why don't sam and the higher-ups in la push know of any, like, wolfpack networks? sounds like this should be a global thing, and at the very least, native american tribe/nations at least know about each other's existence

i swear i'm this close to writing a fanfic where one of the kids from all this nonsense starts a revolution by getting really into studying biology and posting shit to the internet

i'm so tired
12/28/2019 c6 Kimnd
"And I just find the songs on my Zune"

your.. what now? lol, oh early 2010s
12/27/2019 c16 Kimnd
holy fucking shit i've literally been obsessed with this fanfic for YEARS since i read it, and i have even contemplated writing fanfic of this fanfic. This story is, to me, representative of the power of good writing-I always liked Jacob, but the way you wrote this story made me truly love Edward and Jacob. It gave them depth that the original story failed to give them. And the fact that you stuck to your guns and kept this canon-complaint? With all the other twilight fanfic I tried to read, almost nobody had the balls to give Twilight as much respect as your story does. Turning the page, indeed ;)

sorry to say i'm going to have to postpone reading this-i'll load the page up to read on my 12 hour flight tomorrow
this is something to be savored
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