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4/24/2021 c22 5AliceMalefoy
nice story
6/1/2020 c22 Guest
Thank you for the Update!
5/14/2020 c18 friendlyneighborhoodfairy
Allen WOULD quote Shakespeare, lbh
5/14/2020 c13 friendlyneighborhoodfairy
Fucking breaking my heart asdgkvxcbkjh Yuuuuuuuuuu you fucking idiot
5/14/2020 c11 friendlyneighborhoodfairy
Hey, I'm totally the same way with talking to others, including trusted friends, and responding to comments is overwhelming to me so I had to stop a long time ago. Writers are introverts often forced to be extroverts.

Changing the topic...I'm enjoying this! Found it due to your edited repost on AO3, and I wanted to know what happens next :p Your writing has improved in 10 years-but that's not because it was bad to begin with _ You show an aptitude for storytelling, pacing, and emotions. Also, I'm a sucker for romantic angst (with a happy ending) and this is our jackpot golden to me :)
5/10/2020 c22 2DevilBittersweetChild
I actually Am indeed still following the story - -needless to say I Must read all of it again. Thank you for picking it back up! Ganbatte!
5/3/2020 c22 3supervampire1000
YOOOOOOOO I was wondering lol, its that 'Rona right!? I'll def. go check it out
1/5/2017 c21 1Mylee2223
In all honesty I'm more upset with lavi than kanda for the simple fact that even if he didn't know out right he still suspected that Allen had feelings for kanda but he let it happen anyway he even admitted to knowing it would hurt Allen if he found out so why willing be involved in hurting your friend like that even if they weren't in a relationship.
Sorry had to get it off my chest love you though so sorry if I upset you.
2/11/2014 c19 Kinkylittlewolf
Bwahahaha! Kanda being called 'Banana'! LMFAO!
7/12/2013 c20 14Nonumaru
haha this was a cute story. Make that 80. :D
11/17/2012 c21 3Ashu-chwan
I liked your fic a lot! :3 The characters weren't OCC and it was well written! :)

And I don't really understand why people would nag at you for this cheating thing, because Kanda obviously didn't cheat on Allen, since, well, they weren't dating or anything.

Anyway, I had a great time reading your fic. n.n
11/1/2012 c21 3Head Procrastinator
Okay. This author's note is fucking epic. Your explanation is perfectly understandable and true. This is one of my favourite chapters in the story. :P
10/4/2012 c21 ArchiverOwl
My respects dear sir! This was one hell of a yullen fanfic! Bravo!
9/27/2012 c21 dracy
I loved this story, this is exactly the way I'd imagine their relationship. Fighting, bickering, Moyashiing. I loved that there were just only 4 characters and you concentrated on their feelings and not the things around them. Loved the 'call me Allen' fights, loved how Lavi turned out to be an obstacle instead of helping. The only thing I didn't really like were the quotes, it stopped the flow of the reading and after a while I simply jumped them over without reading it. But anyways it was fun to read it and liked the happy end if we could call that - I think we definitely could since noone died and everybody is happy :) Thanks to you for writing it.
9/8/2012 c21 Guest
I know this is for commenting on a certiain chapter.
I have just finished this story and i have to say that i LOVED it!
Thank you so much for writting! xx
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